After years of increasing tension between the Spanish central government and the Catalan autonomic government, in September, the Catalan Parliament approved the call for a referendum on the independence of the Spanish region, which was prohibited by the Spanish Constitutional Court. On October 1st, 2017, the referendum unilaterally declared by the Catalan autonomic government regarding Catalonia’s independence took place.

We condemn the violence and brutality occurred in different parts of the region along that day, resulting in hundreds of injured citizens. We defend the respect of fundamental human rights of all citizens, with special attention to the freedom of peaceful assembly and expression, and believe that violence is never the solution.

AEGEE stands for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe, strengthens mutual understanding and creates a space for dialogue. These values have been challenged by the recent happenings in Catalonia and we urge political parties and organisations to find peaceful solutions. We support our locals in the involved areas, being young people a key player in democratic dialogue and understanding that should be listened to.

We call on all parties involved to partake in respectful dialogue and find a common and peaceful solution, respecting the rule of law and fundamental human rights.