Since Autumn 2018, AEGEE / European Students’ Forum has been raising awareness on the topic of Mental Health within the organization.

In Autumn 2019, thanks to the support of the European Youth Foundation (Council of Europe), AEGEE launched a project titled MINT: Mental health In Non-formal education and Training.

This project includes a live meeting (February 2020, Brussels) and an 8-day long training event (April 2020). The training event will be hosted by and organized in cooperation with AEGEE-Tartu (Estonia). During this training event 16 participants will learn about Mental Health and how to apply this in their trainings. These participants are active and experienced trainers in the youth field. A booklet will be produced, during the training event, including ideas and methods on how to include a mental health perspective in non-formal education and training. The booklet will be shared with all trainers of AEGEE-Academy (the official pool of trainers of AEGEE-Europe) and with external partners and youth NGOs.