AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum was founded in 1985 by a group of young people around Franck Biancheri. Our organisation is politically independent and strives for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe, which is socially, economically and politically integrated, and values the participation of young people in its construction and development.

Moreover, as stated in our Policy Paper on Migration: “our solidarity and our tolerance shall not refer only to every European citizen, but it also should refer to every human being who decides to migrate, everyone who attempts, everyone who risks his/her own life or flee to Europe to escape from any type of persecutions or conflicts.”

We would like to underline that the values and principles upon which our organization was founded are in contrast with the positions of the Gefira Foundation, and that we do not have a relation with it. We therefore call the representatives of Gefira to refrain the usage of our name in their public means of communication.