The European Youth Event (EYE) is an initiative organised by the European Parliament, typically held every two years in Strasbourg, France. It serves as a unique platform for young people from all over Europe to come together, exchange ideas, and engage in discussions on various political, social, and cultural topics. The event aims to empower and inspire young Europeans to actively participate in shaping the future of the European Union. During the European Youth Event, participants have the opportunity to attend workshops, panel discussions, and interactive activities, allowing them to express their views on important issues, connect with fellow young Europeans, and interact with policymakers. One of our members joined the EYE 2023, which was held in June. Below you can read about her experience of the event!

During the EYE, I had the opportunity to take part in various sessions that focused on active participation, with an emphasis on the upcoming European elections.

The plenaries I attended gave myself and other young people the space to voice our issues on many aspects of events taking place throughout the EU. I was able to even speak directly with some of our leaders and hear and learn from them. 

The EYE had many elements that focused on both personal and professional development of young people which I was able to take part in, such as learning about job opportunities and volunteering opportunities across Europe. I was able to hear directly from different organisations and NGOs and see what interested me. From this event I left feeling like I understood how our European political space works, how young people and their views influence it and how I can further be involved!