My Europe, My Say! Putting young people at the heart of the debate

My Europe, My Say is a European project, implemented by a consortium led by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement- Bureau Européen du Scoutisme (WOSM). The consortium includes AEGEE-Europe and 48 independent youth organisations members of these two networks across Europe, and covers 30 countries. The project encompasses various aspects, all the way from capacity building tracks to large scale youth exchange events to interactive spaces of dialogue between young people and decision makers. My Europe, My Say will be: Strengthening the capacities of youth organisations to offer activities which enhance youth participation, civic competences and political awareness and [...]

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Spanish Electoral Board forbids the EU to promote voting in Spain.

On a resolution issued on the 20th of March, the Spanish Electoral Board (administrative organ that veils for the neutrality of the elections) banned the possibility of a direct encouragement of Spanish citizens to vote by any public. Concretely, it forbids the public powers to use images of people voting, urns or slogans urging to participate in the election process. AEGEE believes that such an interpretation of the law does not follow the democratic values, since one of the pillars of a democratic society is participation in the election of their representatives, and the right to vote should be encouraged [...]

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European Youth Foundation: one step further toward recognition of volunteers

AEGEE-Europe enthusiastically welcomes the decision of the Council of Europe (CoE) to include volunteers’ time in the grants that they are opened to youth organisations through the  European Youth Foundation, bringing into reality the concept of volunteers time recognition (VTR). The CoE specifies VTR is “a contribution people provide of their own free will to invest time and service for the benefit of a youth activity implemented by a non-profit-making youth-led organisation, and for which there is no monetary or in-kind payment (e.g. fees, salaries)”. Y vote 2014 volunteers working in implementation of the project. Co-funding is usually a big [...]

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10 years of the World Youth Summit on Globalisation

Ten years ago, AEGEE organised the World Youth Summit on Globalisation. Held at the EP Brussels, this was the grand closure of the 2003 Yearplan Project of AEGEE-Europe Youth & Globalisation.  In a lot of ways, this event was unique because for the first time, AEGEE had opened its doors to other active youths from across the globe to discuss the effects on youth and globalisation. In fact, in spite of all the problems related with bureaucracy and visa, we managed to have people from all over the continents debating with representatives from the main International Institutions such as the [...]

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Spanish students force their Government to revert ERASMUS cuts

An earthquake shook during last week the Spanish society, when the ministry of Education published in the Spanish official Bulletin (BOE) the ministerial decision of cutting back the national support to the ERASMUS students from the current year on, except on the cases they had received a ministerial grant on the previous year. This measure meant that most of the students (around 30.000) already at their foreign European universities would be affected, finding themselves with a smaller economical support than the one it was agreed when they accepted their destination. This in most cases would imply the need to cancel [...]

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Blog Action Day: youth rights are human rights

Today, October 16th is Blog Action Day. This is an annual event that aims to bring bloggers closer together and this year its topic is human rights. We got inspired by the visually amazing and conceptually clear contribution of the blog zen pencils. Click on the picture to see the complete masterpiece: AEGEE-Europe is involved with Human Rights on a daily basis. We clearly defend them in our Statement of Principles and we also have a very active Human Rights Working Group, bringing the current topics to the attention of young Europeans and providing a platform for discussion and exchange [...]

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European Youth Calls the Council of Europe to Protect their Rights Now

AEGEE-Europe, together with 10 youth organizations from all over Europe, has launched the campaign YouthRights.NOW for the recognition of specific rights for youth. These youth rights include education and training, employment, housing, health and the right to a healthy environment, participation, sexual and reproductive health, culture and sport, non-discrimination, as wells as proper information on youth policies and its implementation. In the current situation, these rights are being violated with worrying frequency, therefore this call for action to increase the protection of one of the collectives more severely affected by the current economic and social crisis in Europe. You can [...]

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Brussels interns say “Enough!” to abusive working conditions

Today at lunch I took a longer break and went to Place Luxemburg to support a very relevant initiative launched by a small group of interns in Brussels. Mostly coming from the UN office and some from private companies, the interns behind this initiative aimed to create an event to raise awareness of the poor conditions many of the Brussels interns have to work. Through social networks they managed to gather not only a big number of interns in the concentration (more than 200), but big attention from the media and also support from relevant stakeholders such as the European [...]

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Rethinking education: the European students ideas

Last november the European Commission released the communication Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes. This document has been read carefully by several stakeholders in the education sector, as marks the Commission's guidelines for the European policies in one of the most sensitive fields of national and European politics. AEGEE's opinion on the document is generally positive as it shows the will of the European Commission to adapt the educational system in Europe to the new challenges that nowadays society poses. However, there are some concerns that need to be addressed, regarding some critical aspects as the independence [...]

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Missing democracy! When found, bring it back to youth!

Last week some AEGEEans participated in the first World Forum for Democracy. In his opening speech of Jean Claude Mignon, president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe described it as the Davos of Democracy. It was preceded by the Youth Assembly, where nearly 150 young people (Europe and beyond) discussed on the topic “Youth and Democracy, the young generation sacrificed?” for three days. With such a topic, the Youth Assembly held sessions and worked hard to share opinions and reach an agreement on one final document, which can be found here. This document was supposed to be presented to the World Forum, but [...]

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