CESCY – Circular Economy- Sustainable Competences for Youth

CESCY (Circular Economy- Sustainable Competences for Youth) is one of the current Erasmus+ funded projects of AEGEE. It is coordinated by Lowmerism OÜ in cooperation with  Common Gold, Zink Asturias, Mentes Emprendedoras and Associazione Redu Rete Educare Ai Diritti Humani.  With this project we aim to bring together different stakeholders with a specific knowledge set, who all contribute to the overall aim of the project: to create the competence framework for youth work on circular economy and sustainability. The framework would include an overview of which knowledge, skills and attitudes young people (and beyond) would need to ensure sustainable practices [...]

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European Change Makers Academy

ECMA is one of the most recent Erasmus+ funded projects of AEGEE. It is coordinated by OBESSU in cooperation with AEGEE-Europe, AEGEE-Bamberg, AEGEE-Budapest, AEGEE-Tartu & AEGEE-Zagreb, as well as Youth for Exchange and Understanding, Impossible Foundation, ARCI Liguria and ISSU. ECMA empowers young people to become change makers in their own community and beyond. Throughout the project 6 experienced community leaders from the youth field (Change Ambassadors) will mentor 30 motivated young people that want to make a difference in their local communities (Change Makers). By participating in a series of online meetings, study visits, events, trainings and a Massive [...]

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InclusiON NOW!

InclusiON NOW! Development of Inclusive Youth Work in the Eastern Partnership countries Equality, inclusion and diversity are core values of youth work in Europe. Many vulnerable young people in the Eastern Partnership countries have limited access to the four major aspects of inclusion: education, healthcare, employment and civic participation. The youth inclusion gaps in the Eastern Partnership countries are covering a broad spectrum of dimensions, from gender rights to the rights of people with disabilities. Given this context, a European consortium of youth organizations implements a project - “InclusiON NOW! Development of Inclusive Youth Work in the Eastern Partnership countries”. [...]

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In 2020 AEGEE has launched a new project, called HerMainY, that focuses on Gender Mainstreaming in the field of Communication. This project is funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and it is the ideal continuation of the GENDERS project: it addresses youth organisations on the topic of gender mainstreaming and aims to disseminate knowledge on gender mainstreaming and sharing best practices.  The final output of this annual work plan is a handbook of quality and easy-to-use resources on how to implement gender mainstreaming in youth activities. HerMainY aims at providing youth organisations with this handbook [...]


MINT: Mental Health In Non-Formal Education And Training

Since Autumn 2018, AEGEE / European Students’ Forum has been raising awareness on the topic of Mental Health within the organization. In Autumn 2019, thanks to the support of the European Youth Foundation (Council of Europe), AEGEE launched a project titled MINT: Mental health In Non-formal education and Training. This project includes a live meeting (February 2020, Brussels) and an 8-day long training event (April 2020). The training event will be hosted by and organized in cooperation with AEGEE-Tartu (Estonia). During this training event 16 participants will learn about Mental Health and how to apply this in their trainings. These [...]

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My Europe My Say Final Conference

After a little more than a year working on engaging, informing and empowering young people to take action and participate in the European Parliament elections in May 2019, now we are ready to build a better Europe and look back on the fruitful partnership AEGEE-Europe has been having with the World Organisation of the Scouts Movement! As the final step of this great project, we are organising the final conference of our My Europe My Say on the 4th of December! This one-day conference will be in the European Parliament and will be hosted by Member of the European Parliament, MEP Niklas Nienaß (Greens/EFA). The [...]

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SMASH Final Conference

As the final step of our project SMASH (⁣Structural Measures Against Sexual Harassment), we will organise the final conference of SMASH in the European Parliament on the 5th of December! During the conference, we will go through the lessons learnt during the project and present the guidelines developed as an outcome of it. In the first part, there will also be a presentation of the trainer’s toolbox that has been created, with which any organisation can train their own safe persons. Moreover, one of the Safe Persons will share their first-hand experience of tackling harassment in youth work. After this, a panel [...]

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YEP 2.0 – Why European Parliament 2.0

Due to the success of YEP, AEGEE- Europe has decided to continue the work and create “Why European Parliament 2.0. – YEP 2.0.” in the frame of the upcoming European Parliament election, on May 23-26th.  Gender equality, sustainably, paid internships, safe traveling or youth employment: the European Parliament has an important play in our daily life. With YEP 2.0., we aim to encourage young people to vote and be a part of the European discussions. Our objectives are to: Inform about the European Parliament as an institution and the upcoming election. Educate about the importance of European citizenship, the democratic [...]

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Inclusive Mobility Alliance – Press Release

  Press Release Inclusive Mobility Alliance puts forth recommendations for a more inclusive Erasmus programme   The Inclusive Mobility Alliance has been officially launched on the 22nd of January 2019 at the European Parliament. Gathering more than 20 organisations with expertise in Disability, Youth and Higher Education, the Alliance aims at making Erasmus+ more inclusive. Students and young people taking part in Erasmus+ mobilities represent respectively approx. 0.17% and 2.8% of all beneficiaries. These low figures have been stagnating for the past 10 years and are the main reasons behind the creation of the Inclusive Mobility Alliance. Based on the United Nation Convention on the [...]

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SMASH – Structural Measures Against Sexual Harassment

Starting from Autumn 2017, AEGEE / European Students’ Forum has been raising awareness and tackling the problem of sexual harassment and consent inside our organisation. In 2019, and thanks to the support of the European Youth Foundation (Council of Europe), AEGEE is launching a project titled S.M.A.S.H.: Structural Measures Against Sexual Harassment. During this project, AEGEE will be able to further increase its expertise and enlarge the pool of members who are trained to prevent, detect and react to cases of sexual harassment (named Safe Persons). The aim of SMASH is to create a sustainable system to prevent and tackle [...]

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