In March 2020, a Training for Trainers was organised in Moscow, Russia, which was attended by fifteen youth workers with a basic knowledge of and interest in training practices and gender-related topics. Through a series of different workshops, brainstorms and reflections taking place over the course of a week, the training equipped them with a series of competencies, knowledge, and skills necessary to implement gender mainstreaming measures in communication at all levels in local organisations.

Between April and June, the youth workers disseminated their newly-gained knowledge within AEGEE-Europe by organising training sessions on the basics of gender and gender mainstreaming. After this introduction, the sessions focused on different specific aspects (HR, social media, interpersonal communication, leadership and decision making, organisational structure, event management). At the end of the training, an action plan was presented with a series of steps to take in order to put the acquired tools into practice.

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