Do you think that in your youth organisation all genders are not treated equally?
Do you want to learn how to make your activities and structures more gender friendly?
Do you want to empower people from all genders within your organisation?
But you don’t know how to do it?

Then the GENDERS project is for you!

“GENDERS – Platform for the Certification of Gender-Friendly Organisations in Youth Working” aims at favouring the gender mainstreaming approach within youth organisations.

Gender mainstreaming is a strategy for making the concerns and experiences of women as well as of men an integral part of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes in all political, economic and societal spheres, so that women and men benefit equally, and inequality is not perpetuated. The ultimate goal of mainstreaming is to achieve gender equality.

In the context of youth NGOs, gender mainstreaming is a strategy to transform an organisation’s work agenda in such a way that it contributes to changing unequal social and institutional structures.

This means introducing a gender perspective in:

  • Decision making and organisational structure and practices
  • Youth work activities
  • Attitudes and communication

How do we want to make youth NGOs more gender friendly?

  • Through an online platform where you can
    • Assess the grade of gender-friendliness of your association through a questionnaire.
    • Learn how to streamline a gender approach in your activities and structures through an interactive e-learning course.
    • Obtain a badge of gender-friendly organisation.
  • Through three trainings (in Romania, Spain and Italy) aiming to:
    • Test the e-learning platform, the questionnaire and the youth indicators.
    • Develop expertise and awareness about gender-mainstreaming among youth workers and youth leaders.
    • Exchange best practices in gender-mainstreaming.
  • Through several dissemination and multiplier events.

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