Youth Development

As the Youth Development Working Group (YDWG), we believe that self- development is one of the most important means for personal success and we know that AEGEE offers a lot of resources and opportunities for our members to develop themselves. As the Working Group, we want to help everyone get sexy brains through delivering (online) trainings, our materials database of workshops and useful materials, sharing training opportunities and much more. Find us on Facebook to find out everything!


  1. Raise awareness on dealing with mental health issues of young people with at least 50 activities in at least 30 locals.
  2. Inform the Network about at least 40 job opportunities and/or career stories by contacting various Alumni and/or youth organizations; of these career stories and job opportunities, at least 15 must be job opportunities, which can be offered by the locals themselves.
  3. Have at least 25 locals organize at least 50 career-oriented activities
  4. Maintain and promote an online database with at least 25 outlines for training activities on soft skills according to the needs of the Network.
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