Social Equity Focus Area aims to make young people aware of discrimination based on place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities, and take action to promote equity from an intersectional perspective. Raise awareness, position itself and take action to tackle discrimination from an intersectional perspective, with the aim of promoting social equity.


      1. Young people are educated on the topic of discrimination based on disability and place of origin.

Raising awareness in any field needs to be preceded by education. AEGEE has already worked on educating people about discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, so there is a need to learn and raise awareness on the two other groups, namely, people with disabilities and people discriminated against on the basis of place of origin

      2. Young Europeans are aware of the experiences of minorities in their local communities.

Gathering information from minorities about their experience and discrimination they face in everyday life is an important part of raising awareness and proper education. Getting to know experiences from first hand is key to tackling discrimination

      3. AEGEEans advocate against discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation from an intersectional perspective.

Gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination have been a topic which AEGEE has already been working on. AEGEEans, therefore, have some knowledge about it. It gives the opportunity to reach more youth through street actions and campaigns as well as official policy papers and statements. The ability to advocate against discrimination in this way makes it available for both locals and European Bodies and allows them to faster react to acts of discrimination.

     4. AEGEEans are able to tackle discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation.

The knowledge that AEGEEans gathered on sexual orientation and gender-based discrimination can be now used and put into practice by tackling discrimination we are noticing in society. This is why it is important not only to know how to prevent discrimination but also to start reducing it in our communication.

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