First interviews

You always remember your first, no matter the number of experiences after that. Our first interview is with Sintija (21) from Riga, studying International Business Law and board member of AEGEE-Tilburg. It is only fitting that, when asked about her idea of Europe, she would come down to the basic raison d’être of the EU: for countries to “cooperate, support, and help each other economically.” She is therefore confident that we will see this crisis through with all member states, as “we are in this together.”

Arriving at Tilburg University, Janneke (21), student in Fiscal Economics disagrees. Janneke: “If the situation does not improve, we may be heading for a conflict, where either Greece will have to leave, or other countries like the UK or Netherlands will be fed up with paying for member states which do not follow the rules.” Asked about solutions to avoid this doom scenario, she says that “we need tighter admission criteria and better budgetary control.”

We return to the hall and find 3 students in International Business Administration giving a video interview to our team. One of them, David (20), born in Spain but living in the Netherlands, explains his vision on the topic: “In southern countries like Spain, people first think of themselves as members of the community, and their role within it. In the north, the individual comes in the first place, and people focus more on their personal achievements. This creates completely different economic behaviours, which are hard to combine in an economic union.”

Are the northern and southern members of the EU really too different to cooperate efficiently? Will Greece stay in the EU and what are the effects of this? Is the future of Europe with the younger generations which are growing up in an increasingly more united Europe? Will we ever see a United States of Europe? More on this in the next post!