European Citizenship

The Focus Area European Citizenship has the aim to empower young people to become active and critical European citizens by educating them on the diversity of European cultures and by enabling them to take an active role in shaping the European project. This is achieved thanks to organization of thematic conferences on political and cultural topics throughout Europe beyond the EU countries as well, publication of booklets to help organize educational trips to the EU institutions and obtain a traineeship there, and strengthening collaboration with the EU bodies within the framework of pan-European projects such as European Year of Cultural Heritage and other NGOs.


  1. Involve 2000 young people in interactive social media actions in which they are challenged to try different cultural practices.
  2. Involve 500 of young people in activities aimed at exploring Europeanness, cultural stereotypes and unequal levels of opportunity for young people across the AEGEE network (e.g. related to visa barriers, socio-economic conditions).
  3. Educate 500 young people on European politics (EU and non-EU) through workshops, case studies, study trips, debates and conferences.
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