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Inclusive Mobility Alliance – Press Release

  Press Release Inclusive Mobility Alliance puts forth recommendations for a more inclusive Erasmus programme   The Inclusive Mobility Alliance has been officially launched on the 22nd of January 2019 at the European Parliament. Gathering more than 20 organisations with expertise in Disability, Youth and Higher Education, the Alliance aims at making Erasmus+ more inclusive. Students and young people taking part in Erasmus+ mobilities represent respectively approx. 0.17% and 2.8% of all beneficiaries. These low figures have been stagnating for the past 10 years and are the main reasons behind the creation of the Inclusive Mobility Alliance. Based on the United Nation Convention on the [...]

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What can you(th) do to tackle migration?

By Réka Salamon January 30, European Parliament Brussels - the Events and Visitors’ Centre of the European Parliament saw groups of excited students from various parts of Europe entering the gates to discuss one of the most relevant and challenging topics of today’s time. The European Youth Seminar “Migration, Free Movement and Refugees - When Dreams Face Death by Drowning” held the promise to engage young people in the understanding of a very complex European issue, and offer them the space to discuss possible solutions. Background The European Youth Seminars of the European Parliament were launched in 2016 and have [...]

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For the first time in history: AEGEE Agora in Chisinau, Moldova

The AEGEE Agora is the space to inspire the new generation of our members and to reconnect more experienced ones. A 5-days event filled with knowledge and cultural exchange put into practice, with over 700 people travelling to Chisinau, Moldova between 11-16th October.   In times, when all European eyes are questioning the ideological and political nature of the European project and the discourses are focusing largely on internal matters of the EU and Brexit; AEGEE travelled outside the European Union to hold the general assembly and to discover the local reality of Moldova, a frontrunner of the EU Eastern [...]

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AEGEE-Europe launches ‘Faces of Europe’ project

Inspired by the famous Humans of New York, AEGEE-Europe launched Faces of Europe, a photoblog that aims at making Europe more personal and exploring the human diversity of our continent. Faces of Europe was launched on January 7th under the framework of AEGEE’s latest project, Your Vision for EUrope. It wants to collect and spread the faces and voices of people from different social, cultural and national backgrounds and to find out what ‘Europe’ means to them. Five “faces of Europe” coming from the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Germany and Finland have been already published so far, including the story of [...]

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Non-Formal Education Meets Inspiration – University of Youth and Development in Mollina

The university on Youth and Development in Mollina, Spain is really a unique and inspiring place to be. For the 15th edition of the University, once again over 180 people gathered together for a whole week in a campus outside a small village of Spain. The global village atmosphere and a variety of informal gatherings and trainings session offer a valuable chance to bond and create amazing ideas for the future. The University takes place once a year bringing together representatives of youth organisations and youth movements from all over the world who gather in CEULAJ (Euro-Latin-American Youth Centre) to discuss, train [...]

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Inspiring projects by young people at the European Youth Award

Taking over from Holger Schmitt, Network Director of AEGEE-Europe 2014-2015, our Secretary General, Svenja van der Tol, became a part of the online and onsite Grand Jury of the European Youth Award in the past months. The EYA is a pan-European contest to motivate young people, entrepeneurs and start-ups to produce digital projects having an impact on society in the categories Healthy Life, Smart Learning, Connecting Cultures, Go Green, Active Citizenship and Money Matters. After all submissions were judged online in August, for which each juror got assigned one or two categories, between the 10th and the 13th of September the [...]

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The key findings of the MY-WAY survey on web entrepreneurship support for young adults

MY-WAY, the two-year project which set out to improve the startup ecosystem for students in Europe, just released a research study based on its recent online survey for young adults and on face-to-face interviews with student support centres. The survey and interviews were implemented to identify the needs and capabilities of the student networks and young adults across Europe regarding web entrepreneurship. Based on the survey results and with a better understanding of the current gaps and problems, MY-WAY will develop a new service scheme for student networks and student entrepreneurship centres to support young tech entrepreneurs. The two target [...]

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Young Europeans observing Estonian elections with record turnout

March 1, 2015: Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) Elections At the end of February AEGEE-Europe deployed 22 observers to Tallinn in order to cover the thirteenth parliamentary election of the republic of Estonia. The mission's primary aim was to observe the elections and give a general assessment. In pairs of two, the observers visited over 60 polling stations located in Tallinn, its surroundings and in the country’s second city, Harju county and Tartu. Unique to Estonia is the possibility to vote online, but given the specifics involved, the mission limited themselves itself to observation of the standard procedure in which ballot papers are used. Our overall assessment [...]

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European students cast a critical eye on Moldovan parliamentary elections

On the weekend of the 30th of November AEGEE-Europe deployed 22 young observers to the parliamentary elections in Moldova. In pairs of two the observers visited around 50 polling stations,  that were spread out across different neighborhoods of Chisinau. During all stages of election day (opening, voting, closing and counting) no major irregularities were observed. In general everything was well organized, all necessary materials were present and stations opened and closed on time. A big number of international and national (partisan) observers were present. However AEGEE-Europe observers noted some procedural irregularities.  Due to the failure of the national online voter [...]

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Contributing to democracy in Europe – AEGEE observing the Bosnian elections

On 12th of October 2014, 17 student members of AEGEE-Europe from 7 different countries were observing the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Country is divided into two different entities, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and Republika Srpska (RS), of which both were visited. The observers, in teams of two, visited 45 rural and urban polling stations in district Sarajevo. Minor irregularities were noticed in five polling stations, for example usage of wrongly coloured ballot box sealing, overcrowding of the polling station and voting outside the voting booth. The complexity of the constitutional set up of Bosnia and Herzegovina is [...]

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