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Wishing you a happy New Year, we are presenting you an open call for hosting the 4th edition of Europe on Track

If you haven’t heard about us yet, here is a short description:

Europe on Track (EoT) is a youth-led project in which 6 ambassadors in 2 teams cross Europe (along 2 different routes) with InterRail passes for one month to inform and interview young people about their visions of a future Europe in relation to different topics.

At each stop, the ambassadors organize and participate in local events, generating content and creating spaces for dialogue and discussion. The journey can be followed on social media via blogs, videos and photos. At the end of the trip, a documentary and quantitative and qualitative data analysis will be created as a recap.

How can you and your local get involved?

If you are interested in being one of the Ambassadors, check the call here!

Your local can apply to be a hosting antenna, which would involve organising a local event where the ambassadors can present the project to a wider audience.

Imagine a one day AEGEE event with a group of 20-30 people (or more!), some sessions and discussions, interactive games, and an event that is also open to non-AEGEEans in your city. The EoT project team will fully support the locals and provide a toolkit on how to organise your perfect EoT event.

This year’s topic for Europe on Track will be Civic Education.

The hosting local is required to:

  • Support the ambassadors by providing them with accommodation and meals for one or two nights

  • Arrange a place/room for the presentation/discussions and print materials

  • Organise a local event/activity* – in cooperation with the EoT Coordination Team

    *Possible options:
    The more you manage to organise the better!

  • Workshop

  • Signature collection for the ECI

  • Ambassadors delivering civic education classes in high schools

  • Visit another NGO or local media

  • Panel discussion with stakeholders/externals (teachers, politicians…)

  • Any other interesting idea that you might come up with!

Unfortunately, as things stand right now, there will be no economic support for the locals but we have and are working really hard on fundraising, should we be successful we will communicate that to the chosen locals.

To apply please send the motivation letter of your antenna to until the 10th of February.

Europeanly yours,

The Europe on Track project team
Nicola, Maria, Tola, Luca, Hector, Denno, Eleanor, Sofia, Benedetto, Ksenia, Alp, Luka

]]> Open Call for Ambassadors for the 2017 edition! /open-call-for-ambassadors-for-the-2017-edition/ Mon, 02 Jan 2017 09:11:04 +0000 http:/?p=6992 Have you ever wished to just drop everything and jump on a train? Are you passionate about society and eager to explore other countries to find out what people actually think?

Then keep reading about this once in a lifetime opportunity!

AEGEE, one of the biggest european student organizations, is looking for 6 young, enthusiastic and proactive people willing to go on a one-month adventure across Europe. In collaboration with InterRail and the European Citizens’ Initiative ‘More than Education’(ECI), the Ambassadors will enquire about the current status of civic education in the different countries they are going to visit and address, through discussions and workshops, young people’s realities, aspirations and visions for the future of Europe.

The trip will start after a kick-off conference in Budapest taking place from the 21st to the 23rd of April, organised in collaboration with AEGEE-Budapest, the Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri and the Civic Education Working Group. The journey will finish on the 23d of May at Agora Enschede 2017.

Practical info:

There will be two teams travelling through two different routes, each of them will be composed of a writer/interviewer, a photographer and a videomaker.

Requirements to be eligible to apply:

  • being between 18 and 30 years old, as of April 17, 2017;
  • being active in a (international) student organization or non-profit organisation with a civic education-related mission;
  • feeling strong ties to Europe;
  • being able to talk and work with people of different ages and cultures;
  • have consistent travel experience and an international mindset;
  • being responsible and reliable;
  • have a can-do and up-for-anything attitude;
  • being resistant to stress and physical fatigue;
  • being able to take initiative;
  • have an open mind!

Expected tasks:

  • administer quantitative questionnaires and conduct and record qualitative interviews;
  • deliver workshops;
  • increase people’s awareness on the importance of civic education and how to improve its current state;
  • promote the ‘More than Education’ ECI by collecting signatures;

You will find additional information and the requirements for the specific positions in the following form:

APPLY HERE by the 3rd of Feburary!

For any questions do not hesitate in contacting us at or through the Facebook page.




Faces of Europe – Summer competition! /faces-of-europe-summer-competition/ Mon, 25 Jul 2016 10:41:58 +0000 http:/?p=6710

Summer is the time to widen your horizons, discover diversity and meet new friends. Have you had a great traveling experience this summer? Did you cross borders, break stereotypes, merge in a different culture? Did you discover something new about Europe, or did you change your mind about what the European identity is? And most importantly, would you like to share your experience? Then take part in the competition “Faces of Europe – Summer stories”.

Faces of Europe is a photoblog launched by the Your Vision for EUrope project of AEGEE-Europe that aims to show the diversity of our continent. Europe is rich of cultures, identities, habits and traditions. Through the photoblogs we want to share and visualize the amazing stories of everyday Europeans in an up-close and personal way.

For the summer competition are looking for tales about unusual trips, new experiences and unexpected encounters. We are searching for new perspectives, interpretations and viewpoints on Europe.

If you would like to participate in the summer competition then:

  1. create a photoblog of yourself or a person you met during your summertime. We would like to have the photoblog consist of a picture + a text of around 150 words which tells the story of the person portrayed. The style of the photoblog submitted should be in line with that of those published on the Facebook page of Faces of Europe.
  2. Send the photoblog to before the 28th of August.

We will publish the 15 best ones in the month of September. For questions you can contact us at

Looking forward to receiving your summer stories!

Your Vision for EUrope team

Open Call for hosting local – Training for multipliers – Y Vote – it’s up to You(th) /open-call-for-hosting-local-training-for-multipliers-y-vote-its-up-to-youth/ Tue, 16 Apr 2013 16:12:27 +0000 http:/?p=3396 Dear locals,

Do you want to help us in spreading the idea of active citizenship and give a contribution in creation of a bigger impact?

During the last AGORA, Y Vote 2014 was ratified as AEGEE-Europe project! From now on until the date of the European Parliamentary Elections in 2014, we will organise a wide range of activities from youth conferences, panel discussions, online campaign, bus tour, voting guide etc – everything to encourage young people to participate in the European Parliament Elections in May 2014.

One essential aspect of the success of this project will be the involvement of the locals and the fact that YOU, in your own antennas, take action and organise local activities!

To make this happen, we want to organise a “training course for multipliers”, which will gather members who want their locals to take an active part in Y Vote, and want to gain skills and understanding about how to carry out local activities and local workshops about the European Parliamentary Elections in their cities!

During the event, participants will come up with creative and inspiring ideas which will be developed later in their locals and will improve their training skills in order to be able to act as multipliers in their cities!

This is the point, where we need your help, your motivation and your involvement! We issue this open call for your locals’ contribution to a better future for Europe .

The course should take place in September/October 2013 and will look as following:

  • 6 days,
  • 25 participants,
  • workshops on presentation and training skills,
  • workshops on local activities and ways to deliver them to AEGEE locals.

You, as an organizing local, will have to provide:

  • lodging for 25 participants and 5 trainers,
  • rooms and material for workshops,
  • 3 meals per day,
  • social program.

The Yvote project team will help you to prepare the Youth in Action application for the training course.

If you are interested in organising this training in your city, please send us an email to yvote2014(at) by 20th of April containing the following information:

  • Local antenna
  • Experience of the antenna in organising events (local/European)
  • Your motivation and possible dates to host the Training Course.

Y Vote 2014 team

Open call for hosting locals of thematic conferences within Y Vote 2014 /open-call-for-hosting-locals-of-thematic-conferences-within-y-vote-2014/ Tue, 16 Apr 2013 16:06:01 +0000 http:/?p=3392 Dear AEGEE locals,

Do you want to take part in the biggest and the most visible project of AEGEE network during the next year? Do you want to have an impact on young people in your city? Do you imagine youth’s voice being heard in Europe? Do you want others in your society to become active European citizens?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then this open call is for you!

As you know, in Mannheim, the AGORA ratified the new Y Vote 2014 – It’s up to You(th) project as an official project of AEGEE-Europe. This project aims at turning first-time voters and students into actors of the European Parliamentary Elections 2014 by informing them and encouraging them to participate.

One of the initiatives of the project will be thematic youth conferences which will be held around Europe in order to create a Youth Agenda, a set of recommendations for the MEPs concerning European policy given by young representatives taking part in the international conferences organised within the project. Participants will be able to draft statements, discuss and exchange their opinions, have a dialogue with invited MEPs as well as carry out different activities, street actions in the cities where the events will take place!

This is the open call for your local’s contribution to the better future of Europe, thus you(th).
If you want to make an impact in your city, apply to host one of the conferences!

The conferences will look as following:

  • 5 days
  • 30 participants
  • Panel discussions, workshops and street activities (the content will be provided by the Y Vote team)

The topics of the 4 first conferences taking place in 2013 are the following:

  • Kick off conference on ‘Youth and political participation‘: around the end of September
  • Youth conference on ‘Youth (Un)employment‘: in November
  • Youth conference on ‘Enlargement and EU Neighbourhood Policy‘: in November
  • Youth conference on ‘Education, research and mobility‘: in the beginning of December

As an organizing local, you will have to provide:

  • Lodging for 30 participants and the team (around 5 people)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Conference/workshop rooms
  • Inviting local media and Members of European Parliament
  • Social programme and logistic of the local actions

The Y Vote 2014 project team will help you with writing Youth in Action applications for all the conferences, so if you are interested in hosting one of them in your city please send us an e-mail to yvote2014(at) by April 20th 2013, with the following information:

  • Name of your antenna
  • Experience of the antenna in organizing events (local and especially European)
  • Which conference are you interested to host and the possible dates you would propose?
  • Your motivation to host that specific conference and to be part of the Y Vote project. Why are you particularly interested in the topic of this conference?


Y Vote 2014 team

Open Call for Liaison Officers team for the United Nations /open-call-for-liaison-officers-team-for-the-united-nations/ Mon, 01 Apr 2013 17:01:36 +0000 http:/?p=3348 Dear AEGEEans,

As all of you know AEGEE-Europe counts on a number of Liaison Officers towards several international institutions acting as links to them and providing us the information and the possibilities which they offer.

One of these organizations is United Nations:

In the past the Comité Directeur has been appointing one person so be in charge with the relations in UN.

With this years´ further involvement of the Comité Directeur and our Network in United Nations policy making processes, events and different initiatives we have encountered the problem that UN is a vast organization with many different bodies, programs and funds. This have proven to be too much for only one person.

This is why, with this email the Comité Directeur is launching an Open Call for active members to join the newly created team of Liaison Officers towards the United Nations.

We will have a team of 4 motivated AEGEE members, interested in working with the United Nations. Once selected, we will divide all the different agencies, funds and programs inside UN which are interesting for our members and asign them to each of the representatives.

The selected members will be working closely with me and Lucille as Secretary General who are the ones directly dealing with the UN. Some of the different bodies with whom we will be working with are:

  • UN ECOSOC (Economic and Social Committee)
  • UNEP (Environment Program)
  • UNV (Volunteers)
  • UNDP (Development Program)
  • UNFPA (Population Fund)
  • UN Habitat
  • UN Women

If you are interested in working with United Nations, bringing their policies, possibilities closer to the AEGEE Network don’t hesitate and apply now.

All of the interested candidates send and email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Antenna
  • Studies
  • AEGEE experience
  • Experience or knowlegde about UN
  • Motivation

Send you candidatures to until the 16th of April 2013 23:59 CET

Job vacancy in the AEGEE head office – Research and administrative assistant /job-vacancy-in-the-aegee-head-office-research-and-administrative-assistant/ Thu, 21 Mar 2013 20:53:51 +0000 http:/?p=3240 Location: Bruxelles
Duration: 13 month
Start: 8th of April
Application deadline: 29th of March

Description of the task:

AEGEE-Europe is recruiting one research and administrative assistant for its office in the head office, in Bruxelles.

In order to support the implementation of the European project “Certification of the qualifications of youth workers in NGOs – road to greater recognition of youth work”, granted by the Grundtvig programme of the European Commission, AEGEE-Europe is recruiting one research and administrative assistant.

The selected applicant will have to support with research and administration of the above-mentioned project and fulfill all requirements related to the European Commission grant. The person is expected to have experience of project administration, maintaining accurate and detailed record, and working with other partners of the projects.

Experience in the management and administration of projects financed by the European Commission will be considered an asset. The successful applicant is also expected to arrange do researching, manage event administration, do regular reporting, and support AEGEE-Europe with administrative tasks not related to the project itself, but to the organisation.

The position requires being fluent in English and ideally having a good understanding of French.

The position will involve some travelling in the frame of the activities foreseen in the project.

If you are interested, please find here a detailed presentation of the tasks and the project: Job vacancy in the AEGEE head office project description

In order to apply, please, send a CV and cover letter to AEGEE-Europe at


OPEN CALL Members of IT Committee also for Non-IT! /open-call-members-of-it-committee-also-for-non-it/ Fri, 15 Mar 2013 15:31:57 +0000 http:/?p=3161 IT Committee is looking for fresh and motivated members willing to get involved in exciting AEGEE world of IT!

ITC is open to all members who are willing to deal with AEGEE IT infrastructure and services but not only, also to those which are interested in how to use Web 2.0 tools or in Internet Governance topic, which deals with topics, like privacy, freedom of expression, censorship or copyright.

As an ITC member you could choose in which field you would like to work on:

a) AEGEE IT infrastructure – AEGEE has several servers distributed around the network which are running various services (websites, mailing lists, mail server), this servers and services has to maintained, supporting other AEGEE bodies with services

b) Online Membership System (OMS) – developing and supporting the future IT system which should replace current Intranet

c) Organize IT European School – work on preparation of ES related to IT field

d) Internet Governance – work on AEGEE position related to IG policies, preparation of youth event before EuroDIG Lisbon 2013

As you can see from field IT knowledge is not obligatory for all fields and it is up to you which one you choose. It can be from programing code of new Intranet, administrate servers, create websites or work on policies.

Your profile:

  • some experience with IT or curiosity to learn
  • 3-5 hours each week to spend on ITC tasks
  • motivation, enthusiasm and proactiveness
  • a lot of fun with the task 🙂

What we offer:

  • experience with real IT services
  • valuable knowledge of progressive Internet tools
  • participation in EuroDIG in Lisbon
  • freedom and creativity to develop ideas
  • an opportunity to challenge yourself and to learn by doing

Interested? Submit your application bellow.

Deadline is: 25th of March

We built this form with Podio’s project management software.

OPEN CALL for locals – Actions of Europe In Exchange Project /open-call-for-locals-actions-of-europe-in-exchange-project/ Fri, 15 Mar 2013 14:40:56 +0000 http:/?p=3154 Dear Aegee Boards… Europe is in Exchange!!

In short: Europe in Exchange (EiE), AEGEE-Europe project, aims at bringing all the students and young people in Europe and neighbourhood countries the possibility to take part in mobility programmes.

Europe in Exchange wants you to help to promote and make easier for students to participate in mobility programs during 2013 (both during this and the next semester). Therefore, we proudly invite you to collaborate with us in organizing some of our actions at local and European level!

These are the actions we are proposing you to organize together with us:

  • European Mobility Days, under its two possible forms:
    • Promotion actions
    • Local conferences
  • New partnerships
  • Language exchange activities
  • Lobbying
  • European conferences

All the actions we are proposing to you, except the last one (European conferences) are local actions, which we will help you to implement thanks to the guidelines document we have written and the guidance of our team members.

Below you can find a short description of each action:

European Mobility Days

European Mobility Days consist of organizing one day action in your university/city to either promote mobility programmes among students (promotion actions) or discuss about how to increase the possibilities for students to participate in mobility programmes (local conferences).

-Promotion actions: they will aim to inform students about possibilities for mobility. You could organize workshops at universities, info events, as well as workshops at high schools. Most of the students know about Erasmus, but there are many other possibilities for mobility not so known and AEGEE can help to give them visibility.
– Local conferences: With the background of the end of Lifelong Learning program (which will be replaced by Erasmus for All/YES Europe), it’s a good moment for AEGEE to evaluate the program and the situation for mobility of students, helping to develop an opinion of AEGEE in the topic. A local conference with the participation of students which participated or are participating in mobility programmes can bring interesting conclusions, both for students and the university.

New partnerships

A powerful way to promote student mobility and strengthen your institutional relations with the university is by helping to establish new partnerships between universities. Locals participating in this action will contact the Universities, present our project and try to encourage them in creating new contacts with institutions & new partnerships. The project will provide you with a dossier to explain the proposal to the university. a document with guidelines, the contacts of other universities which want to participate in the action, as well as guidance during the whole process. If you are interested, you can join the group “New partnerships for mobility programs” in Facebook.

Language exchange actions

Language exchange actions refer to find innovative ways to interact with people of different language culture and learn a language in an entertaining way. Actions as language meetings, tandem system and language library are some of the options to promote the development of foreign languages competences of students, what will allow them to break the language barrier which can scare them away to participate in mobility programmes.

If you are interested, you can join the group “Language exchange programmes in AEGEE” in Facebook.

Lobbying actions

We want you to take part in bringing the word of students to the policy makers of your university. For that, we propose you two relevant topics to lobby/advocate for:
* Easier procedures when applying for mobility programmes.
* More courses in English in the universities

Also, the lobbying actions could be combined with the local conferences to have a bigger impact.

We will help you in the process to make your voice to be heard.

…. and we also search for locals who are willing to co-organize and host one of our European Conferences the following months (probably in Autumn)!!

· European conferences – EiE is inviting antennae to organize one of our 3 European conferences to discuss about the current situation and future perspectives from the mobility of students, focusing in neighboring countries of the EU. Each conference will focus on a different region:

  • European conference about mobility of students in Eastern Europe countries.
  • European conference about mobility of students in Western Balkans countries,
  • Euro-Mediterranean conference about mobility of students in South Mediterranean countries

Locals from these regions will have priority when applying to organize the conferences, but locals from other regions could be selected too, so don’t hesitate to apply if you are interested.

Conferences will approximately host a total of 25-30 people (20-25 participants + 5 trainers) and last between 5 and 7 days. Locals will need to take care of the logistic part, while EiE team will take care of providing the content for the conference and help looking for funds.

Locals interested in organizing one of the three European conferences can apply till Friday 22th of March sending a motivation letter explaining the motivation of the local for organizing the conference and the resources (human, material and economical) they count with to organize it. Locals interested will be contacted afterwards for the selection of the organizing locals.

Moreover, if you want to organize other activities not mentioned before to support mobility of students and you would like to receive support, you can also contact us.

This can be a great opportunity for your local to organize thematic activities in your city, strengthen the institutional relations with your university and to attract new members.

We’ll support you in any possible way; Providing guidelines for the actions, offering support to the locals, promoting the events, helping you with any problem that you could face, etc. We are a motivated team willing to help you.

Make our project, your project.

Are you interested to make your antenna to participate in the our actions? Please send us an email to europeinexchange(AT)aegee(DOT)org

If you have questions or need more information, please check our blog or contact us at europeinexchange(AT)aegee(DOT)org

We look forward for your application!

Best regards,
Your EiE team

Open call for project team – Y VOTE 2014 /open-call-for-project-team-y-vote-2014/ Fri, 15 Mar 2013 14:29:56 +0000 http:/?p=3150 Dear AEGEE members,

In May/June 2014 the European Parliament elections will take place all over the EU, and AEGEE has been preparing a project on the topic.
Following the way created by one of our most successful projects in the recent years, we will have Y Vote again as name (as it is still remembered in the European Institutions). But some other things will be different.

The Aim of the new project is:


Please note that participation in the elections is understood in the broad sense. Beyond just voting, it includes get engaged in the whole process (debates, discussions with other stakeholders including politicians) in order to be able to take informed decisions.

The Project Manager will be Léa Charlet (AEGEE-Paris) and the Content Team will be composed of Javier Mendoza (AEGEE-Tenerife)Aleksandra “Ola” Kluczka (AEGEE-Krákow) and  Kasia Białożyt (AEGEE-Poznań).

There are several positions to be covered, and the project is on the way to be defined. There will be a meeting in Brussels to make the project more concrete, and also there will be a meeting at the Agora Rhein Neckar for all members of the team.

The Open Positions are:

  • Financial Manager – Approve and manage budget together with Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe, prepare budget for applications, supervise budget of events in cooperation with locals, prepare financial reports…
  • Communication Coordinator – Coordinate and work with team in charge of all communication with AEGEE members and other young people, creativity, campaigning, PR materials,…
  • FundRaising – Coordinate and work for a successful Corporate FR (in money, in kind) and institutional FR (YiA and other grants)
  • Quality Assesment (Evaluation + Impact Measurement + Documentation) – compile all documents and pictures after events, coordinate preparation of booklets, manage the process of impact measurement, prepare evaluation forms and analize the results to improve next events…

This project is focused on EU but it does not mean that it is closed for non-EU members. Some of the actions can take place outside EU and of course non-EU AEGEE members can be part of the team and contribute in many ways.
We are looking forward to receive your applications before Wednesday March 20th. Please send an email to YVOTE-2014-L(AT)lists.aegee(DOT)org including:

  • Name
  • Antenna
  • AEGEE member since:
  • Field of Studies:
  • Experience in AEGEE (and outside)
  • Motivation to join the Y Vote Team:
  • Position you are applying for: