YOUrope Needs YOU! Action Months

In April-May-June AEGEE members are leading workshops in high schools, empowering young students all over Europe. […]

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AEGEE Looking Beyond in June

In the upcoming weeks – after more than a year of preparations and hard work – AEGEE’s Beyond Europe Project will kick off with two events that are unprecedented and breath-taking. […]

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Day of Europe

On 9th of May we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which was the first move towards the creation of what is now known as the European Union. […]

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Summer Universities

The Summer University Project gives every year more than 2500 young people from all over Europe the possibility to participate in an international cultural summer course in one of 100 cities of the continent. […]

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Booklet on Cultural Diversity

What exactly is different and what exactly is similar among the very diverse European societies? – is the main question the Cultural Booklet: The Art of Diversity […]

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Corporate Affairs Project

The Corporate Affairs Project is supporting the development of youth initiatives, provides tools, knowledge and networking opportunities. […]

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Study Forum and Career Event in Leiden

The Study Forum and Carer Event will bring together 1000 students from all over Europe with universities, academic institutions and companies, providing a perfect platform for networking and making life-choices for students’ future. […]

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YOUrope Needs YOU! wins Youth Prize

AEGEE Europe’s project YOUrope Needs YOU! was awarded the European Charlemagne Youth Prize. Brussels, 19 May 2009 […]

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