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How to create a European consciousness and avoid its deadlocks

By Wessel Reijers Ringo in his office at the University of Twente Youth mobility is one of the main themes of Europe on Track. Very simply seen, youth mobility just means that young people move a lot around in Europe. So much for the obvious version, cause it might be more interesting to ask where the idea of mobility in Europe comes from and how it impacts young people in Europe. I have discussed these issues with Ringo (Marinus) Ossewaarde, who is a sociologist by profession at the University of Twente for the European Public Administration programme. His [...]

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Meet the six ambassadors of Europe on Track!

Time has come to introduce our travellers to the audience. They took on the exciting challenge of travelling across Europe for one month presenting the project, guiding discussions and collecting the ideas of young people on the future of Europe. But who are they and why did they decide to apply to becoma an ambassador of the project? Team Red: I am convinced that the project will be implemented in the right time. After the hard years of the crisis in our continent, its economic circumstances deepened into lives of many Europeans. The crisis through which we are passing is [...]

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Open Call for Ambassadors of Europe on Track

The time has come for the Coordination Team to select the travellers of the second edition of Europe on Track. Once again, the team is looking for six people who would spend one month (April) with travelling across Europe ad discussing the topics of Europe on Track with young people. Exciting? Sure it is! To apply becoming one of the six lucky travellers of Europe on Track and win the chance to cross Europe by train using first-class InterRail passes, fill in the following form. For further information, please read the Open Call below. The application period closes on January 19 [...]

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Europe on Track 2: Mobility and EUrope

Following the successful achievements of the first edition of the project, Europe on Track 2 is also aiming to tackle issues that are of great concern for young people, giving them the chance to speak up for their needs, demands and express their proposals for changes. Only this time, a stronger emphasis will be put on encouraging young people to take action and become actors in the construction of "the Europe we want for our future!" The choice of the two main topics heavily depended on aligning the thematics with AEGEE's mission of empowering young people across the European continent [...]

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Europe on Track is back!

After the success of the first edition of the project, AEGEE-Europe is happy to announce that the Europe on Track project is going to be one of the highlights of the year 2014 as well! With new topics, new faces, new cities to be visited, young people will once again become actors of the implementation of European policies that are affecting our daily lives. But how exactly the project is going to look like and what is happening with the project at the moment? Read the interview on The AEGEEan - AEGEE's online magazine and stay tuned for more information [...]

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AEGEE-Europe’s project Europe on Track wins 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize

Europe on Track, was awarded first prize at the 2013 Charlemagne Youth Prize ceremony on 7 May in Aachen University. The Europe on Track project aims for a better future for European youth, to find solutions for the pressing issue of the rising rate in youth unemployment, to advocate for a sustainable future and to promote entrepreneurship among young people. Project has been selected as Spanish Contester of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize. European Parliament President Martin Schulz said: "The Spanish project seeks constructive solutions to current problems - the loss of confidence in the EU and the alarmingly [...]

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Europe on Track wins the National Youth competition in Spain

On 4th of March 2013, Comité Directeur received a call from the Spanish Youth Institute, part of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Spain, informing us that the Europe on Track project has been selected as Spanish Contester of the EU Charlemagne Youth Prize, and will be participating in the Charlemagne finals in Aachen with the other 26 national winners. Congratulations to all the people who have taken part in this project and let’s cross our fingers for the finals. The European Charlemagne Youth Prize aims to encourage the development of European consciousness among young people, as well [...]

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Sustainability on track

Europe on Track. For 27 days I have been travelling on the tracks of Europe with this amazing project, going from Brussels to Istanbul. Interviewing young people along the way, on their ideas about the future of the European Union, politics, and youth participation, but also sustainability, non-formal education, and entrepreneurship. The perfect opportunity as Policy Officer on Sustainability to get an idea of what people around the continent think on the topics of sustainability. 27 days, 14 countries, and 19 cities, but what have I learned? First, there is good news when it comes to the general awareness of [...]

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Competition Winners: How would you promote sustainable travelling!

In November, InterRail offered two locals the unique opportunity to win 1250€ sponsoring their project or event for their creative video or poster on how to promote sustainable travelling. After careful evaluation of many creative entries, the jury consisting of Willemijn from InterRail, Iris from the Environmental Working Group, and the Comité Directeur, has chosen the two lucky winners! Congratulations and thank you once again to InterRail for offering this opportunity! 1. AEGEE-Helsinki: "Sustainability is to Travel Green" AEGEE-Helsinki says: We would like to travel green whenever it is possible. Consequently, we find the competition really interesting, for it enables us [...]

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Is Europe on the right track? – Not at all!

In Madrid after a lively discussion with AEGEE-Madrid about the problems of youth in Spain, we attended a meeting with Ricardo Ibarra Roca, head of the Spanish Youth Council and Marco Dosantos, a representative of a Spanish organisation for LGBT-Rights. They explained the political situation from their perspective, stressing out the difficulties the youth organisations are facing. On the one hand there is a problem of visibility and recognition for these organisations by the officials and by the public. On the other hand recently the government cut their funds up to 50%, which makes their work very difficult, as well as [...]

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