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Young people should participate in youth associations to let their voice being heard

by Lucia Sobeková Easter atmosphere awaited us in Udine! City centre full of people and families was a great spot to talk to young people and ask them what Europe means to them. The answers were quite colorful too. Many youngsters consider Europe as a world of possibilities and diversity. On the other hand, crisis and borders is what Europe represents to young generation in Udine. “Young people lost the trust in politicians,” started Francesco. “Personally, I think the ballot turnout in the upcoming European elections will not be high among young Italians. Europe is even more distance to them [...]

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The European miracle at the Vistula river

Taking Europtimism serious during fierce discussions in Warsaw If there is one city in Europe that can rightfully be called a Fenix that has risen from its ashes, it is the city of Warszawa; the capital of Poland at the Vistula river. It has known a vibrant and often violent history, which climaxed during the Second World War when the city was totally raised to the ground. After the Warsaw Uprising at the end of the war and the Soviet liberation of the city, not much was left of what once was the proud capital of the kingdom of Poland. [...]

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Is youth mobility socially mobile?

by Monica Nica Heading to Naples we were hoping that the sunny weather we had experienced up to that moment would get even better. Instead, rain and clouds insisted to tag along with us through the two days we spent there. But the outside chilliness was counteracted by the warmth with which Nicola and his family welcomed us in their home. His mother not only treated us with a delicious traditional Easter dinner, but also with some interesting thoughts on the youth’s situation nowadays. For example, something that worries her is the fact that young people do not consider family [...]

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Raise status of every job is needed to lead youngsters from unemployment

by Lucia Sobeková Bergamo - a charming city of Europtimists, keen travelers and active AEGEE people. These are the words which describe the best our first stop in Italy. Team of AEGEE- Bergamo prepared us full programme of street actions as well as the conference at the University of Bergamo. In the morning, we joined AEGEE- Bergamo, the AEGEEan winner in merchandising, in promoting of summer universities. We handed out the leaflets designed as boarding passes to young students inviting them to travel with us in summer. We also spread many balloons among the students to get their opinion on [...]

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Inventing the jobs of the future in Brno

Discussing the sources of unemployment and the opportunities for the new generation In the previous article of team blue about our stop in Prague, we discussed the curious case of Euro-scepticism and scepticism in general in the Czech Republic. The next destination of our travel was the student city Brno where we found a statue that symbolizes this interesting aspect of Czech society: an iron giant holding a cube that is standing in front of the impressive legal court. Michaela, who was our guide in the city, told us that the statue symbolizes the Czech attitude towards justice. The cube [...]

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We believe in voting and democracy, not in politicians

by Monica Nica Marine, the president of AEGEE Lyon introduced us to her wonderful home city and the French way of spending time - picnicking with friends by the riverside. She also proposed having a different approach to disseminating information about the European Parliament (EP) elections and gathering opinions on it. Instead of holding a presentation we used a method called “Porteurs de paroles” which allowed us to engage the students at Jean Monnet University in a debate on the street. Even though they were rather shy in starting a conversation, once we approached them they opened up and provided [...]

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Czech Republic: Nation of Sceptics?

Visit to the Metro Depot In Prague we were met by the representative of the Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT). Together with our partner we are trying to raise an awareness among the young people about the most sustainable and the most environmentally friendly ways of travelling. Especially for our journey, Y4PT developed a Carbon Emission Calculator that helps our followers to track the impact our journey has on environment. In the Czech capital Y4PT invited us to visit the oldest Depot of Prague – Kačerov  to experience first-hand how does the maintenance of the city’s transport centre looks like [...]

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Erasmus is great, but we want to know more!

by Monica Nica We left Brussels a week ago but it already feels like we have been travelling for a month. The numerous hours spent in trains and the lack of proper rest is already starting to take its toll. Fortunately, the people we have met along the way, who helped us in so many ways, make us bounce back instantly. Although we have only spent half a day in Zaragoza, we had some interesting discussions with the AEGEE members present there in quite high numbers. The presentation and following interviews focused on what mobility signifies for young people, what [...]

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Road to the future or end of freedom of movement?

One of the places in Europe that really breathes history is Berlin: a city of many paradoxes. It has been the mighty capital of Prussia and imperial Germany; it was burned to the ground in the Second World War and was the symbol of the Cold War, with the Berlin Wall as physical divide between East and West. Nowadays, Berlin is a multi-cultural, innovative and artistic city with many visible extremes: wealthy businessmen and countless homeless people gathering empty bottles; trendy entrepreneurs and drug addicts; artists and street workers. In Berlin, we discussed innovative ideas with NGOs and the problems [...]

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Europe – a door to brighter future

After the longest our team had so far, we  finally arrived to León to discuss mobility opportunities with young Spanish students. We were also curious about how they see Europe in times of crisis. Youngsters talked not only about the consequences of these days on their families, but also pictured Europe as a faith for brighter future. A room with AEGEE members curious about mobility programmes in Europe awaited the  travelers directly after the trip. Foremost, participants were interested in obtaining professional experience abroad. They thought of the work placements with Erasmus+ and the Eurodyssée programme as great opportunities to [...]

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