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Red Team in Manchester: Is it BR-EXIT or BR-IN?

By Chikulupi Kasaka Team red arrived in Manchester, the United Kingdom, on a mission to understand people’s views on the possible Brexit and the upcoming referendum. Team red prepared a number of activities to pursue this aim, including conducting a mock referendum, workshops and interviews. Let’s understand what BREXIT means in the first place before we discuss about youth views on it. BREXIT is an abbreviation of “British exit” which refers to the possibility that Britain will withdraw from the European Union (EU). The referendum is expected to be carried out on June 23 and the big question is “Whether [...]

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Two Polish Students, Boguslawa and Daniel, About The Borders in Europe

Travelling to Poland, Team Blue from Europe on Track 3 got the chance to interview many young people on important issues about European borders and the situation with refugees. Let’s see what results they got! Two Polish students, Boguslawa, 23, and Daniel, 26, agreed to answer our questions. Both of them have travelled abroad and took part ininternational projects. They are both satisfied with the living and working conditions in their country, and are considering to stay there in the future.     What is Europe for you? What do you feel when you hear this word? Boguslawa: I think that [...]

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No Artificial Borders for Refugees in Europe

By Chikulupi Kasaka Team red from AEGEEs’ Europe on Track 3 Project arrived safely in Heidelberg, Germany on the 25th April. In collaboration with the local antenna AEGEE-Heidelberg, they delivered a workshop about the Refugee Crisis in Europe. Team red had the opportunity to interview local youth as well as a refugee. Their opinions were honest enough to raise the voice and awareness for a better Europe and better refugee crisis management. Arman Turma is one among the youngsters the team interviewed. He is 19 years old, from Hungary, studying Philosophy and Psychology in Germany. Arman came to Germany in 2015 and [...]

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Team Blue: Hungary is not as closed as we think nowadays!

By Hanna Polishchuk One more long train journey directly from Warsaw to the capital of Hungary was ahead of us. However, with Interrail trains it was comfortable and light. This time we decided to sleep in the train almost all the way to get more energy for the evening. Agi from AEGEE-Budapest met us in the train station, and we went to her home. Together with Mate they prepared a tasty traditional Hungarian dish. The day after, we met other members of this wonderful local (Peti, Bernadett and Dorottya) who took us to the outdoor session. We were walking through the [...]

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Team red in Paris: Nuit Debout, the beginning of a social movement

By Chikulupi Kasaka Red Team Travellers from “Europe on Track 3” went to Paris to understand the French Clichés, taking part on the AEGEE-Paris event Voulez-vous Clicher avec moi? On 23rd the team arrived at the famous Place De la République, where the so-called Nuit Debout protests are held. Nuit Debout is a French word meaning “Rising Up All Night”. Travellers had an opportunity to interview a few people from the crowd participating in the “Nuit Debout” and had this to tell. What is Nuit Debout? Nuit Debout started as a movement with protests against the government for their new project on Labour Law [...]

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Team red in Maastricht interviews Zack, from Canada

By Chikulupi Kasaka Team Red of Europe on Track 3, led by Madgalena and Hemmo, travelled to Maastricht in pursuit of Borderless Europe and got a chance to collect opinions of the people from there. Why did they visit Maastricht in the first place? Well, you cannot conduct a Europe on Track Project leaving Maastricht behind due to its history. Maastricht happens to be the birthplace of the European Union, European citizenship, and the single European currency, the euro. It feels like a right place to be. Team Red came across a Canadian citizen there named Zack and used the opportunity right [...]

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Team blue: Stop 1, Prague, Czech Republic

By Hanna  Polishchuk Prague is an intercultural, young city full of opportunities and contrasts. It is filled with the spirit of tourists and international students. As we discovered, it is not easy to find local people in the heart of the capital: you never know who you are going to meet! Italians, Polish, Spanish, German, Americans, Vietnamese, Russians, Latin Americans, Ukrainians, Dutch people.... And there is an explanation of this phenomena. Architecture. Passing the streets of Prague, one cannot avoid his/her head moving around not to lose any attraction nor any interesting spot. Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square with [...]

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Team blue: Europe on Prague!

By Hanna  Polishchuk   The day began quite late for us, as we finally had the chance to get a normal sleep! After having a delicious breakfast made by Ksenia we went to see the city with Sasha. . It was very interesting to go back with her to the tour of the past, as she told us many interesting historical facts about beautiful Prague.   The Old Town Square was full of people! However, it was really hard to find there Czech people, so the interviews were from Polish, German, Italian and Latin American tourists. People were easy-going and [...]

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 Team blue: The First Step Towards a Borderless Europe

By: Hanna Polishchuk   Early Wednesday was our departure day from Brussels and at the same time the first day of the trip. At the beginning, it felt uneasy but as we hopped on the first train with our InterRail passes, all the doubts dissolved. After the previous sleepless night, we got the chance to relax in the train until our next stop, which was Frankfurt am Main. The time passed very fast while we were in the next train heading to Dresden. One of our team members, Ksenia, found a big spacious room with a table that was usually for [...]

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Inspiring projects by young people at the European Youth Award

Taking over from Holger Schmitt, Network Director of AEGEE-Europe 2014-2015, our Secretary General, Svenja van der Tol, became a part of the online and onsite Grand Jury of the European Youth Award in the past months. The EYA is a pan-European contest to motivate young people, entrepeneurs and start-ups to produce digital projects having an impact on society in the categories Healthy Life, Smart Learning, Connecting Cultures, Go Green, Active Citizenship and Money Matters. After all submissions were judged online in August, for which each juror got assigned one or two categories, between the 10th and the 13th of September the [...]

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