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Same questions, different people

By Hanna Polischuk Travelling from one Turkish city to another, we discovered that not all the young people see Europe and its current issues in the same way. However, there is a strong wish to become a part of Europen from the youth perspective. Below you will see the current problems the country is experiencing from the point of view of Turkish youth. Do you think there are borders in Europe? Yes and no. There are borders in Europe as we see in the maps; but no, because each young person can go abroad and feel as a local there. There [...]

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We want YOU to join Europe on Track Project Team!

  Following the ratification of Europe on Track as an official project of AEGEE-Europe we are happy to announce an open call for new team members! As you may already know, EoT consists of two groups of ambassadors travelling across the continent with InterRail passes for one month. Stopping in different cities along the way they make interviews, deliver workshops and spark discussions with the aim of bringing Europe closer to young people and bridging the gap between institutions and citizens. In order to ensure the correct implementation and a proper follow-up of the project a passionate and hardworking team [...]

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Imagine there’s no borders – Team Blue in Turkey

By Hanna Polischuk Our travel continued. We were heading directly from Bulgaria to Turkey. In the train we met young people from New Zealand and Spain. What a surprise! The trip became more interesting, especially when we began the discussion about borders. Rosa was going to Turkey because her Schengen visa was finishing, and Cesar, the Spanish EVS volunteer in Moldova, decided to do the Balkan trip with the last-minute decision to go also to Turkey. We were sharing our stories for a while, when suddenly, the train stopped in the middle of the night. We looked at the window [...]

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Team Red in Barcelona exploring youth mobility!

By Chikulupi Kasaka Team Red arrived in Barcelona in the wake of Monday 9th May 2016 from A Corña through the overnight Interrail train. Upon arrival, our hosts Aegee-Barcelona came to pick us up and took us to our accommodation at St. Christopher’s’ Inn Hostel. In the evening of the same day, the team had a workshop with youth in Barcelona. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the Europe on Track 3 Project, a “Where Does Europe End?” exercise and ended by discussing youth mobility and their experiences with traveling abroad, exchange programmes as well Erasmus programmes. With Youth [...]

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Interviewing at the Bulgarian-Turkish Border

By Hanna Polishchuk On our way from Bulgaria to Turkey we met again one boy that travelled with us in the same train just a couple of days ago from Serbia. We decided to introduce each other and to ask him about the trip. César Perales is a 25-year-old EVS volunteer from Spain currently living in Moldova. On our last train we all witnessed how the police took several young boys out of the train when we were approaching the Bulgarian border. We thought that they might be refugees, so we began to discuss this topic with our new friend. Below you can find the [...]

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Team Blue interviewing in the Balkans!

By Hanna Polishchuk Three countries are behind and we move on to the Balkans. Now, our route challenges us with three countries in four days. None  of us expected that it will be an easy trip because it included long-distance trains, but everything was easier thanks to Interrail first-class Global Pass. Besides, the result we got interviewing people and what we saw with our own eyes were worthwhile. In the three countries we asked very similar questions, but the answers differed depending on the nationality. We would like to compare three answers from Croatian, Serbian and Bulgarian citizens: Zvonimir Canjuga, 24, Croatian, [...]

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Team Red in A Coruña: United in Diversity?

By Chikulupi Kasaka Team Red of Europe on Track 3 arrived in A Coruña, Spain at 11am on 7th May 2016 with the best train experience. Thanks to Interrail for making it a real once-in-a-life experience! AEGEE-A Coruña warmly welcomed the team and offered us a nice time to relax and get ready for the sessions. Our host, Alejandra, took the team for lunch to boost their energy before going to a workshop. This revived the energy and enthusiasm of the team to go and discuss the Refugees and migration crisis in Europe. AEGEE-A Coruña organized an event under the [...]

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More unity, more solidarity, more European identity

By Hanna Polishchuk During our stop in Hungary, we had the opportunity to ask young people what they think about the European Union, borders and the refugee crisis. We would like to share with you some interesting answers we received from Péter Sczigel, 22, Hungarian, Student and the President of AEGEE-Budapest and Màtè Bàlint, 24 ,Hungarian,  Analyst of the Central Bank of Hungary. They both have international experience, and travelled to other countries for different reasons. We asked them how easy it was for them to cross European borders. Do you feel borders in Europe? If yes which ones? Péter: [...]

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Team Red in Lyon taking part in Nuit Debout

By Chikulupi Kasaka In the evening of the 3rd May, Team Red arrived in the place where the Nuit Debout protests and meetings in Lyon are held. This is the second time team red is experiencing the peaceful protests called Nuit Debout, which means Up All Night, made by people showing up in one place from 6pm to midnight to discuss their concerns towards the government. AEGEE-Lyon introduced Europe on Track 3 in front of the crowd and we all invited participants to join us in a discussion about Schengen area, refugees and migration crisis in Europe. A group of [...]

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Team blue in Zagreb: Experiencing Hungarian/Croatian Border

By Hanna Polishchuk Everything seemed wonderful at the beginning, but as soon as we approached the Hungarian-Croatian border, the tension began to rise. We thought it is just another ticket control, but the woman asked for the passport. So, we gave our documents to her. The Italian one was turned back quite fast but when she was checking the Ukrainian, at some point we heard her saying “Kaput!” and she left the wagon with the passport. At this point my heart beating was increasing and we all were anxiously waiting for the verdict. At some point, they also asked for [...]

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