Europe on Track

Meet the travellers: Benjamin Battke from Aachen

Benjamin Battke Age: 30 From: Aachen, Germany Studies: History My name is Benjamin Battke, from Aachen, Germany. As a Master in History and working as a representative for a travel agency, I have had close encounters with many other cultures, yet this project offers something more, and I am excited to take part in it! I have been an AEGEE member since 2007, so I am an oldie! I have organized Summer Universities and took part in many events. I love travelling and I love AEGEE, therefore I love Europe. Or was it the other way around?! Meeting people has always [...]

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Meet the travellers: Manuel Arias from Madrid

Manuel Arias Age: 27 From: Madrid, Spain Studies: Media & Educational Studies The future of Europe, nowadays, is quite confusing for many young people. In Spain, many people do not know exactly what is happening in the European sphere and thus it is very important to know what other people in different countries think, to get to a better position for everyone in Europe. With this, the six of us are given the opportunity to explore and make videos all around the continent; both an incredible trip and being part of something that is important for all of us. I am [...]

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Meet the travellers: Héloïse Treis from Fribourg

Héloïse Treis Age: 23 From: Fribourg, Switzerland Studies: Law I'm Héloïse. I am 23 years old and love photography, traveling and music. The fact that my parents come from different countries and speak several languages made me very open-minded. As much as I love my hometown Zurich, my friends and family, I am always excited to travel and meet new people. In addition to being an engaged AEGEE member, a passionate photographer and globetrotter, I study law. After finishing my bachelor, I want to specialize in Human Rights because I am hoping to have an international working experience, and it's [...]

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Meet the travellers: Cristina Manso from Burgos

Cristina Manso Age: 25 From: Burgos, Spain Studies: Audiovisual Communication My name is Cristina and I live in Burgos, Spain. I am twenty-five years old. I studied Audiovisual Communication, a field based on the mass media (radio, television, press), photography, design, and social networks. Later on, I continued my studies and obtained a Master in Digital Creation, specialized in web and graphic design, audiovisual creation, 2D and 3D graphics and animation. Therefore, I am really passionate about new technologies and creativity. In addition, I have worked as a journalist, writing articles, looking for information for a digital newspaper; and as [...]

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Meet the travellers: Natalia Kondrat from Udine

Natalia Kondrat Age: 23 years old From: Udine, Italy Studies: Translation and Cultural Mediation My name is Natalia, I'm 23 years old and I was born in Poland, where I got my first degree in French Philology. Now I study Translation and Cultural Mediation at the Faculty of Languages in Udine, Italy. I speak Polish, English, Italian, French and Spanish, and currently I’m learning Serbian-Croatian and I love the way languages can easily open the World to you. I'm passionate about photography, and I’m especially interested in portraits that are able to express more than a thousand words, and catch [...]

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Is Europe on the right track? – ‘Europe on Track’ project raises the question

AEGEE-Europe (European Students’ Forum), represented by President Luis Alvarado Martínez, presented its new project ‘Europe on Track’ during a press conference that took place in the morning on 8th November in the European Parliament. Within the framework of this project, in the months of November and December, six young ambassadors from various countries will travel the European continent in order to capture and document the wishes of young people for the year 2020. As the outcome of the project, these opinions will be compiled to create concrete recommendation for policy makers in the youth field. Download the dossier about [...]

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