Borderless Europe: Blessing or Burden?

AEGEE-Cluj Napoca is organising the event of spring 2016 between 6-9 May: Borderless Europe: Blessing or Burden?

Winner of the Franck Biancheri Award 2016 – the local is working closely together with the representatives of Assiciation des Amis de Franck Biancheri and the Your Vision for EUrope Project in order to bring a 3-day long thematic conference to life with open space discussions with experts, workshops for better understanding the European project, getting to know the different narratives from inside and outside the European union and finally, to gather young people’s wishes and recommendations for the future of the European project!

The First day of the conference would look at: Inside the European project:

  • The evolution of Schengen – and where it stands today
  • Europe: salad bowl or melting pot of nations?
  • The European project’s win and fail: ideology vs. economic interests

The Second day of the conference will take a look at outside the European project:

  • Eastern partnership – opportunities and visa regulations
  • Balkans and Turkey: do they still want to belong to the European project?
  • Fortress Europe: who is an ‘outsider’?

Join the event to learn more about a very complex topic of today’s Social Europe, join if you would like to contribute to the dialogue with decision-makers,

and last but not least, join AEGEECluj Napoca in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the local – and the Day of Europe on the 9th May!

Facebook event can be found here.

Intranet event to apply can be found here.

Google form application can be found here.

If you have any questions related to the event – please write to and/or!

Looking forward to many of you participating in an event that brings back the spirit of the first days of AEGEE, that questions the current status quo in Europe and offers a unique insight to understand Borderless Europe from a new perspective.

We would like to thank the Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri for providing the AEGEE network with this opportunity – and we are looking forward to the future cooperation!