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Let’s give peace an opportunity

Have you heard of World Peace Day? Today we celebrate the annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. 21 September become the official International Day of Peace in 2001, before it was changing dates. But the United Nations count for this day with an incredible ally, the Peace One Day organization which works to make this day a real success and to have a bigger impact than just a red mark in your calendars. The guy who started the initiative, Jeremy Gilley, has mobilised in the last 15 years thousands of people to really make this day an opportunity for [...]

Let’s give peace an opportunity2013-09-21T11:47:25+00:00

Concerns about the Russian movements before the Vilnius Summit

AEGEE-Europe’s Reaction on the Latest Developments within the EU Eastern Partnership Program and Pressure Exercised by Russia Within the last weeks the Head Office of AEGEE-Europe was following up the political developments in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, countries of the Eastern Partnership (EaP)  who previously officially expressed on the highest level their willingness sign the Association Agreement, and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the European Union. At the end of November 2013, the Eastern Partnership Summit will take place in Vilnius (LT). This summit will discuss the establishment of closer relations between the EU and the [...]

Concerns about the Russian movements before the Vilnius Summit2013-09-16T18:59:10+00:00

Impressions on the EP plenary on Youth Employment

Yesterday the European Parliament held a session dedicated to Youth Unemployment. It was a very interesting session to follow, where almost all voices agreed on some points such as the seriousness of the situation in some of the countries and regions and the need for a strong action from the European Union. We learned at the very beginning that the Lithuanian Presidency has adopted Social Inclusion of NEETs (youth Not in Education, Employ or Training) as its priority on Youth policy. We in AEGEE celebrate this decision. Commissioner László Andor began by presenting all the actions taken on the European [...]

Impressions on the EP plenary on Youth Employment2013-09-11T08:54:40+00:00

Closing our eyes in Azerbaijan? No, thank you!

The European Parliament's Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group decided last July 13th that the European Union will not send a delegation of observers for the presidential elections in Azerbaijan next October. This controversial decision contrasts with the presence of the EU as observer in the last Presidential elections in the country, lacked a proper explanation and therefore left the door open for different interpretations. On one side, the Azerbaijan authorities celebrated the decision and presented it as an endorsement to the good health of democracy in the country. On the other hand, Human Rights organizations protested since they were [...]

Closing our eyes in Azerbaijan? No, thank you!2013-09-04T08:45:57+00:00

Health4Youth Project welcomes the Public Health Committee new directive on tobacco

Health4Youth project of AEGEE-Europe welcomes the directive presented by the Public Health Committee  on 11th of July 2013, against slim and flavoured cigarettes [1]. H4Y would like to emphasize the significance of this measure. In our daily work, we notice that many students experiment with slim and flavoured cigarettes, also because of the way they look and taste: this makes many young people think they are harmless. However, as research has shown [2], smoking slim and flavoured cigarettes is often a first step towards smoking real cigarettes and towards various degrees of addiction. It is of great importance that this measure is implemented EU-wide. If countries would deal [...]

Health4Youth Project welcomes the Public Health Committee new directive on tobacco2013-08-27T17:29:20+00:00

Brussels interns say “Enough!” to abusive working conditions

Today at lunch I took a longer break and went to Place Luxemburg to support a very relevant initiative launched by a small group of interns in Brussels. Mostly coming from the UN office and some from private companies, the interns behind this initiative aimed to create an event to raise awareness of the poor conditions many of the Brussels interns have to work. Through social networks they managed to gather not only a big number of interns in the concentration (more than 200), but big attention from the media and also support from relevant stakeholders such as the European [...]

Brussels interns say “Enough!” to abusive working conditions2013-07-17T21:54:41+00:00

Hanging out with MEP Doris Pack

Three weeks ago, AEGEE was invited to a pilot experience coming from the European Parliament. For the first time, a Member of the European Parliament would establish a dialogue with some stakeholders in the youth field through HangOut, a recently launched platform that allows up to 10 people to interact in a videoconference which can be also recorded and streamed to include more participants. The MEP behind this initiative was very relevant: Doris Pack has been rapporteur of the Culture and Education Committee in the European Parliament (CULT) for the whole process of the redesign of the Youth and Education [...]

Hanging out with MEP Doris Pack2013-07-16T12:37:46+00:00

Certification of the Qualifications of the Youth Workers in NGOs – road to greater recognition of youth work

AEGEE-Europe is glad to share with you the website of the European Project “Certification of the Qualifications of the Youth Workers in NGOs – road to greater recognition of youth work”. “The aim of the Project is the development of a process of certification by using ECVET system as an instrument, which gives youth workers in NGOs the possibility of assessment and validation of learning outcomes and recognition of qualifications across Europe, particularly those acquired through experience acquired at work in non-formal and informal contexts.” As partner of this project AEGEE-Europe is responsible to follow the different initiatives regarding with [...]

Certification of the Qualifications of the Youth Workers in NGOs – road to greater recognition of youth work2013-07-09T15:40:08+00:00

Deportation of a French student in Turkey as a consequence of the #Gezi protests

Turkey is not in the news anymore. The focus of the media shifted to more pressing events in other parts of the world, like Brazil (first because of the massive protests there, later because of a football championship). Even the new massive protests in Egypt are not on the first page of the newspapers anymore; after one month of people in the street, tear gas and messages against their government, attention is focused now in where in the world is hidden Mr. Snowden. However, in Turkey normality has not come back. There are still groups of citizens which non-violent protest [...]

Deportation of a French student in Turkey as a consequence of the #Gezi protests2013-07-03T16:53:38+00:00

Welcome, Croatia!

During the last week of June we have been warming up for welcoming Croatia in the European Union: the European institutions have focused big part of their communication in introducing the new member to the rest of the club through figures, infographics and cool videos highlighting the assets of Croatia or sharing the impressions of some relevant European politicians (part 1 and Part 2), or promoting the whole idea of enlargement itself.   Moreover. the European Commission held a Youth conference in Zagreb last week, where 80 AEGEE members, and dozens of young Europeans from other NGOs, could [...]

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