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Youth demands co-mananagement in the European Union

On June 5th and 6th, AEGEE-Europe hosted a 2 days event in the European Parliament, where different Belgian and European NGOs had the opportunity to discuss the possibilities for Co-Management in the European institutions, together with representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and its Advisory Council on Youth, and the European Youth Forum. The event was hosted by the MEP Hannes Swoboda, who is also President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament and financed through the Youth in Action Grant. AEGEE-Brussels was organising the conference together with AEGEE-Europe. What is exactly the [...]

Youth demands co-mananagement in the European Union2013-06-12T10:00:58+00:00

Fighting Homophobia is fighting for Europe

Today AEGEE was invited by the Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker for a conference that was part of a whole programme centered around IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia). We participated in the presentation of a thorough EU LGBT Survey conducted by the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) which shows the situation of different aspects of LGBT discrimination in the EU27+Cratia. A very worrying picture, showing that high percentages of EU citizens still live in fear, having to become invisible and pretend being a different person to avoid discrimination or violence. You can see here a video with a summary of the survey [...]

Fighting Homophobia is fighting for Europe2013-05-17T22:37:15+00:00

What can young people do for Europe?

In response to Wat kan Europa voor de jongeren doen? (translation: What can Europe do for young people?) by Bart Staes (Belgian MEP for Greens/EFA), published in Knack on May 9, 2013.   “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” This sentence from the inaugural speech of John F. Kennedy has been used so often and in so many situations, and yet it can hardly be called a cliché. Also in this context it still remains true and powerful: European young people are not yet lost. The situation is dire. So much [...]

What can young people do for Europe?2013-05-15T21:53:57+00:00

Dear Ministers… NOW!

In September 2012, Ministers responsible for Youth from 47 Member States of the Council of Europe congregated for the Ministerial Conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to agree on ensuring equal access to Youth Rights for every single young person in Europe. The aim was to achieve this through the adoption of the Declaration “Young people’s access to rights: Development of innovative youth policies in Europe” which would have served as a guideline to all the Ministers’ work in their respective countries. Some officials, however, had problems with ensuring access to Youth Rights for ALL young people inclusively. Ministers failed to [...]

Dear Ministers… NOW!2013-05-06T13:41:28+00:00

European Elections in Croatia: Back to the future?

Most of the Europeans would be surprised to know that more than one year before the European Parliament (EP) elections in spring 2014, there has been an effective voting for electing MEPs. Yes, it did happen, and the reason is simple: with the accession of Croatia as a Member State the 1st of July of 2013, the election of 12 ew MEP was needed, in order to represent the country in the EU democratic institution. So far Croatia was only present in the EP as non-voting observers. For the first time in history, Croatians have been called to cast their [...]

European Elections in Croatia: Back to the future?2013-04-19T10:06:01+00:00

Reaction to the Boston Marathon terrorist attack

The Sports Working Group of AEGEE-Europe would like to express its deepest condolence to all those affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon. It is hard to imagine in our times that some unscrupulous people are able to perform an action such as what happened yesterday in Boston. The Marathon of Boston is the first modern urban marathon in the world, with a very international character and a renowned event of sport, huge brotherhood between religions, ethnics and political ideologies. Certainly, the tragedy in the afternoon of April 15th only seeks to generate terror among the free thinkers of [...]

Reaction to the Boston Marathon terrorist attack2013-04-16T19:52:20+00:00

Happy birthday AEGEE

28 years ago, the very first EGEE conference in Paris started. Happy Birthday AEGEE-Europe! Making Europe our home since 1985.

Happy birthday AEGEE2013-04-16T09:15:19+00:00

Fighting Climate Change Starts At School

“The Ministry of Magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizards to be of a vital importance. Although each headmaster has brought something new to this... historic school, progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be... prohibited!”   With those words, Dolores Umbridge enters the life of Harry Potter at the start of his 5th year at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. A little speech aptly interpreted by Hermione Granger as “The Ministry is interfering at [...]

Fighting Climate Change Starts At School2013-03-31T10:03:19+00:00

Why does Hungary matter?

This question was asked recently by the US Helsinki Commission and also exactly a year ago by the Nobel prize laureate, Paul Krugman. Why does Hungary, this small, landlocked country with around 10 million inhabitants in Central Eastern Europe, matter to the US or to any other EU country? However, the recent happenings, namely the latest, Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of Hungary, put this country into the spotlight and brought international responses. It is not the first legislative act which was highly debated - let’s recall reactions to the media law for example and the criticism of Venice Commission [...]

Why does Hungary matter?2013-03-25T17:28:37+00:00

World Water Day 2013

The United Nations has the year 2013 proclaimed as the International Year of Water Cooperation and today, the 22nd of March, is the International World Water Day. Water is almost a magic liquid, without water life is not possible on the earth. The amount of clean drinking water will be a hugh problem in the near future, so water is a very current topic. The UN focuses mainly on water cooperation this year. Through different conferences on water cooperation in different countries the UN hopes to attract attention, raise awareness and achieve a better cooperation regarding water policies and actions [...]

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