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To vote or not to vote? Should that still be a question?

by Monica Nica In Sofia, the Europe on Track presentation was part of a larger event dedicated to the Y Vote project, also organised by AEGEE. The format comprised an initial debate on compulsory voting, followed by a panel debate on voting and youth participation, ending with our presentation on the European Parliament elections. During the debate, two teams from Sofia Debate Association brought up their best arguments in favour and against compulsory voting. The debate was carried out in Bulgarian, but we had Angel translating for us. Although he did a great job, he conveyed just the big picture, [...]

To vote or not to vote? Should that still be a question?2014-05-30T19:02:34+00:00

How the hero of Lviv became Putin’s worst enemy

Ambitious youngsters strive for a European, free Ukraine If there is one question that comes to the minds of the Europeans when they read or hear news from Ukraine these days it is: “what to think about the situation in this country?” After the first massive enthusiasm, support of Euromaidan and the condemnation of the Russian annexation of Crimea, opinions drifted apart. We were greatly touched by our discussions in Kyiv and Lviv and would like to share with you what we have learned from the young Ukrainians and which conclusions did we draw from our visit to the country [...]

How the hero of Lviv became Putin’s worst enemy2014-05-22T12:02:11+00:00

Europe on Track 2: The great Finale

31 days, 25 cities and 16 countries since the departure from Brussels on 9th April, the Europe on Track 2 teams arrived at their last stops: Strasbourg and Budapest, respectively. Europe on Track, winner of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize,was asked to present the project to inspire the more than 5,000 young people meeting in Strasbourg for the European Youth Event 2014. The session was moderated by Mrs Katrin Ruhrmann, director for Information Offices of European Parliament, and Mrs Bettina Leysen, vice-chairwoman of the Charlemagne Prize Foundation. Around a hundred participants during the Europe on Track session in [...]

Europe on Track 2: The great Finale2014-05-15T16:20:37+00:00

The fight for tomorrow

Over the course of the last few months Ukraine has been a topic of great interest and concern; not only here in Europe but around the world. Killings, fire, barricades, tires, Berkut, corruption, Yanukovych- those are the words and those are the images that we have heard and seen almost every day in our national newspapers and TV-programmes: a peaceful country in the heart of Europe suddenly exploding and turning into a new conflict zone. How did this happen? Did anyone see it coming? Who were the people who took part in this revolution? What did they want to achieve? [...]

The fight for tomorrow2014-05-11T17:52:57+00:00

Join Europe on Track at the EYE 2014

“Europe on Track”, winner of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize, invites you to join the presentation of the documentary and the recommendations gathered about young people's vision of Europe. The event will be moderated by Mrs Katrin Ruhrmann, Director for Information Offices of European Parliament, and Mrs Bettina Leysen, Vice-chairwomen of the Charlemagne Prize Foundation. Time: Saturday 10th May, 13:30-14:30 Venue: European Parliament Strasbourg, room LOW N1.2 During the first edition of the project, hundreds of young Europeans were engaged in the discussions tackling the most pressing issues our generation is facing: What can young people expect from the [...]

Join Europe on Track at the EYE 20142014-05-07T21:45:14+00:00

Fences are not made of sausage abroad!

by Monica Nica A last minute change introduced a detour in our route between Zagreb and Belgrade. The name of this fortunate twist is Pécs, in Hungary. Although we only spent 17 hours in the European Capital of Culture of 2010, they were filled to the brim both with challenging debates and soaking up some local traditions. Even though they sometimes needed a push to take the discussion forward, the Hungarian participants had fruitful and interesting debates on all three questions they received: What are the advantages/disadvantages of mobility? Do you imagine yourself working in another country? What is the [...]

Fences are not made of sausage abroad!2014-05-07T19:57:42+00:00

Croats feel more Europtimists a year after entering the EU

by Lucia Sobeková The conference held at the European House in Zagreb gave us an impression that pro-European feelings among young population are growing. The conference focused on the European elections and brought interesting insights of participants why voting in the European elections 2014 is crucial for the future of their country. The European elections will take place on 25 May in Croatia. A year ago, when Croatia entered into the European Union, 12 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) were elected to represent the country till the next elections of the Union. Participants expressed that so far, they see the [...]

Croats feel more Europtimists a year after entering the EU2014-05-08T09:47:13+00:00

Belarus: Breaking Down the Stereotypes

After meeting EP candidates in Riga, we embarked on a journey to the unknown – Belarus. Stories about the strict border control in Belarus are quite common and so until the very last minute we were not sure if we will be allowed to enter the country. However, much to our surprise, the border police was not interested in where are we going and what exactly are we going to do in Belarus or even where are we going to live during our trip. If Belarusian authorities are trying to attract more foreigners to visit Belarus during the time of [...]

Belarus: Breaking Down the Stereotypes2014-05-01T10:49:49+00:00

What about a youth dimension to policy-making?

by Monica Nica From the border with Italy we were accompanied by “the Emerald Beauty”, one of the rare rivers in the world that retain the emerald-green colour throughout their length. The beauty of the scenery on the way to Ljubljana was only matched by the beauty of the Slovenian people we have met. They gladly welcomed us within their already busy schedule, as AEGEE Ljubljana had an exchange with AEGEE Groningen during the weekend. The 20 young people of AEGEE Groningen made their way to Ljubljana hitchhiking, in teams of two – some for just 16 hours, other for [...]

What about a youth dimension to policy-making?2014-12-10T12:23:41+00:00

Who represents Latvia during the EP elections?

Discussing the ideas for Europe with EP candidates in Riga After the stop in Warsaw, team blue embarked on a long journey by bus up north to the capital of Latvia: Riga. Latvia can be seen as a symbol of the revival of the Baltic States and for years it had one of the highest economical growth figures in Europe. In Riga, Diana – an experienced member of AEGEE-Riga - picked us up from the station. She organized an amazing session at the university with some of the Latvian candidates for the European Parliament elections. During this session, we discussed [...]

Who represents Latvia during the EP elections?2014-05-11T18:12:15+00:00