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AEGEE-Europe stands with it’s members in Turkey!

Citizens are speaking up loud!. Let’s spread their message! In the feed below you can see every Tweet that includes #OccupyGezi. We encourage you to use this hash-tag to share also your support for Turkey, freedom and democracy! We are providing the space for it and we encourage all of you to use it and follow it. Take action now! Hashtags used on Twitter #OccupyGezi #Direngeziparki #OccupyGeziParki Twitter Stream

AEGEE-Europe stands with it’s members in Turkey!2013-06-01T12:47:58+02:00

AEGEE-Europe/European Students’ Forum fully supports the new No Hate Speech Movement Campaign of the Council of Europe

Internet offers us the possibility to create, publish, distribute and consume media content fostering therefore a space of full participation, engagement and self-expression. With the development of social networks we all can participate in cyberspace in a variety of ways ranging from keeping in touch with your friends and developing new contacts to sharing content and exploring your self-expression. This online space gives us new opportunities: engaging with others for causes that we care for. But we may equally be victim and agent of abuse and human rights violations, among them, hate speech in various forms and cyberbullying. The online [...]

AEGEE-Europe/European Students’ Forum fully supports the new No Hate Speech Movement Campaign of the Council of Europe2013-03-25T14:54:48+01:00

TUNZA: Youth goes for Sustainability

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) TUNZA International Youth Conferencetook place 10-14th February in Nairobi (Kenya), and it provided a platform for over 300 young people from 100 countries to come together to exchange information, best practices and most importantly, learn from each other. European delegates at TUNZA Youth Conference Participating in the TUNZA International Youth Conference allowed AEGEE to realize once more the enormous potential which young people have to act as change makers in the world. Our president Luis Alvarado represented AEGEE-Europe there and he discussed the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference and the Post 2015 [...]

TUNZA: Youth goes for Sustainability2013-03-18T13:11:25+01:00

Young Enterprises, Young Entrepreneurs – European Commission “Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan”

AEGEE-Europe warmly welcomes the “Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan” published by the European Commission earlier this month. As an organisation striving to provide young people with the necessary tools to take their future into their own hands, and concerned by the dangerously high levels of especially youth unemployment throughout the continent, AEGEE-Europe strongly supports the Commission’s aim of reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe. Photo: The European Commission When going through the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan, one could almost say it has been written after consultation with the teams of the “Europe on Track” project and the hundreds of [...]

Young Enterprises, Young Entrepreneurs – European Commission “Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan”2013-02-11T10:14:23+01:00

Erasmus: You really cannot vote!

Italian Erasmus students and young people abroad for the General Election 2013: the final decision of the Consiglio dei Ministri and the surprising reaction of the Italian Erasmus students. The Council of Ministers held yesterday a meeting with a deep evaluation about the institution of the vote for the Italian General Election 2013 while being abroad for Italian students involved in the Erasmus Programme. During the debate some “insuperable difficulties” (as it was written in the official communication) emerged: the time for changing a constitutional law is too short. The Council of Ministers wishes for the resolution of this important issue [...]

Erasmus: You really cannot vote!2013-01-23T17:54:03+01:00

Fraternité 2020 – Europe’s first citizens’ initiative

Fraternité 2020 is Europe’s very first citizens’ initiative. Its goal is to enhance EU exchange programmes – such as Erasmus or the European Voluntary Service – in order to build a united Europe based on solidarity among citizens.

Fraternité 2020 – Europe’s first citizens’ initiative2013-01-15T17:55:49+01:00

Earth is our business

Right after Rio+20, on 27th of June 2012 AEGEE-Europe organized a round table discussion on the Ecocide law proposal, where keynote speech was given by Polly Higgins, the lawyer of the earth. […]

Earth is our business2012-09-10T16:01:34+02:00

The European Study and Career Fair

The European Study & Career Fair which takes place in Enschede, The Netherlands on 2nd of May 2012, under patronage of Mr. Laszlo Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. […]

The European Study and Career Fair2013-01-15T18:03:20+01:00

Which future for Youth?

Hard time is prospected for youth organisations after 2013. This is the feeling AEGEE-Europe had when receiving the proposal “Erasmus for All”, the new programme for youth, education, mobility, sport and culture. […]

Which future for Youth?2013-01-15T18:07:05+01:00

Because we care about our future

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 is approaching, being held next June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro. This event is also known as Rio+20 as it marks the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit held in Rio back in 1992. It has also been more recently tied to the slogan “The future we want”, being clearly our future at stake in social, environmental, and economic terms. […]

Because we care about our future2013-01-15T18:45:02+01:00
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