Working Groups

Basic information

The goal of the Working Groups is to ensure that thematic focuses of AEGEE have been fulfilled. According to the Focus Areas of the Strategic Plan 2014-2017 there are four WGs:

Spreading Europtimism Working Group

In line with the four Focus Areas of AEGEE-Europe, there are currently four Working Groups. One of them is the Spreading Europtimism Working Group. Europtimism means to inform about the European project, to point out the achievements of a unified Europe and to push new debates and actions in order to strengthen European integration. It also means being critical concerning negative developments and not taking anything for granted. In the last years the European project has faced a severe loss of popularity and its citizens are even questioning its viability. Lately, mostly the negative aspects are being voiced not only concerning Great Britain, leaving aside all the benefits that a strong European Union can have for our continent. This creates a dangerous trend, since it stops the process of European integration and weakens the influence of the EU and its values in other European countries.
This working group aims at reconnecting young people to the European project and creating solidarity bonds among them.

Youth Employment Working Group

The Youth Employment Working Group aims to give the members information on how to enter the job market, what the youth rights on labour market are or how to get prepared for a job interview. As the Policy Officer is also the part of the Working Group our job covers also advocacy and representation.The Strategic Plan 2014-2017 states that the aim of our association when it comes to Youth Employment is to “ease the transition from the education system to the labour market for young Europeans”.

Youth Mobility Working Group

The Youth Mobility Working Group is one of the four Working Groups of AEGEE that are linked to the four focus areas of the organization’s current Strategic Plan and Action Agenda. This Working Group is linked to the focus area of Youth Mobility.
Youth Mobility is a way to make young people from different cultures meet, work, play and learn together, resulting in friendships, relationships and bonds of solidarity between the young people of Europe, at a time when that seems to be at stake. The vision of AEGEE is clearly that of a borderless Europe and Youth Mobility can be one of the most powerful tools to achieve that. As members of AEGEE we know this to be true because we experience it in our daily lives. The objectives of the focus area of Youth Mobility are measurable ways to empower that and spread it to others.

Civic Education Working Group

This focus area stresses the need to foster a culture of active participation and responsibility among citizens. Civic education addresses knowledge, skills and attitudes in fields such as human rights, democratic participation, intercultural communication and sustainability. AEGEE already contributes to the development of responsible citizens through non-formal education in its actions, but we see the need to include those competences in the educational curricula in the European countries in order to reach all citizens. Therefore, AEGEE actions have to go in two directions. First, reinforcing and coordinating our internal work on these fields, in order to have a bigger impact on our members; second, putting on the political agenda the inclusion of civic education in curricula.