Position Paper on Single Seat of the European Parliament

Sep 01, 2014

Introduction European elections are taking place in May 2014 and with a fresh Parliament on the horizon, we see this as the perfect time to put a stop to the European Parliament’s travelling circus. The European Parliament (EP) works mainly from Brussels, but for fewer than 50 days a year the Parliament moves to its […]

Czech Republic: Nation of Sceptics?


Apr 20, 2014

Visit to the Metro Depot In Prague we were met by the representative of the Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT). Together with our partner we are trying to raise an awareness among the young people about the most sustainable and the most environmentally friendly ways of travelling. Especially for our journey, Y4PT developed a Carbon […]

Preparing for the European journey of a lifetime!

EoT presentation Leiden

Apr 08, 2014

The Start of Europe on Track: Training weekend in Brussels and Network meeting in Leiden 08-04-2014 Europe on Track is almost ready to go! During the past weekend the travelers of the project finally met each other in person and had a preparation event in Brussels. It was great for them to share ideas about […]