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Since you ratified us as an official AEGEE-Europe project at Agora Bergamo 2016, we are working really hard to organise a fantastic 4th edition of Europe on Track. Now we will announce dates and topic of EoT4 and later this week we will launch the open call for both hosting antennas and travel ambassadors.

First of all, we are pleased to announce that, in collaboration with AEGEE-Budapest and the Civic Education Working Group, we are the winners of the Franck Biancheri Award. This means that we will be opening EoT4 with a conference in Budapest from April 21-23 and from there the ambassadors will start their race through Europe on-rail for a month until we wave the finishing flag at Agora Enschede on May 23

The topic of EoT4 will be Civic Education and we will collaborate with the the Civic Education Working Group and the European Citizens’ Initiative “More than Education”.

Why Civic Education?
Civic Education is learning the competencies, i.e. skills, knowledge and attitudes, required to be an active, democratic and responsible citizen. Its ultimate goal is to educate the population on democratic citizenship and make them aware of their rights and responsibilities.Civic Education aims at fostering a culture of active participation and responsibility among citizens.

We believe Civic Education is important because in a democracy we are supposed to hold the decision makers accountable, however we are not adequately trained to do so. This leaves the citizens with a lack of understanding, and subsequently a lack of democratic control and appreciation. Civic Education is one of the most important learning tools at our disposal, as it allows people to become informed and independent individuals in society. It is an education based on critical thinking, democratic participation and a common understanding of certain values and principles

EoT4 aims to understand what civic education and civic responsibility mean to you. This in turn will help AEGEE to understand how to reach out to people in order to build an active citizenship.

Why else is this important for us?
We want to empower young people to fight for better Civic Education in their countries. Moreover, one of the aims of the current Strategic Plan is to put Civic Education on the political agenda on all levels and this is not a goal of one working group but of AEGEE as a whole. We believe Europe on Track can make this happen. Lastly, we would like to send the ambassadors to high schools as well, wherever possible, in order to increase the impact of the project and ensure broader reach of our message.

Happy holidays and we look forward to working with you in 2017!
Europe on Track team

Competition Winners: How would you promote sustainable travelling! /competition-winners-how-would-you-promote-sustainable-travelling/ Mon, 14 Jan 2013 10:01:40 +0000 /?p=2703 In November, InterRail offered two locals the unique opportunity to win 1250€ sponsoring their project or event for their creative video or poster on how to promote sustainable travelling. After careful evaluation of many creative entries, the jury consisting of Willemijn from InterRail, Iris from the Environmental Working Group, and the Comité Directeur, has chosen the two lucky winners! Congratulations and thank you once again to InterRail for offering this opportunity!

1. AEGEE-Helsinki: “Sustainability is to Travel Green”

AEGEE-Helsinki says:

We would like to travel green whenever it is possible. Consequently, we find the competition really interesting, for it enables us to promote train travelling. This aspect, especially InterRail and using the vast track networks in Europe, is not so familiar to Finns than to other Europeans. This project would promote green travelling not just among our members but also among their friends and families. We believe that showing example to our other friends not just in AEGEE but in other parts of life would encourage them to use the train more in the future.

We are planning to organize our next Travelling Summer University in three different countries: Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Then, of course, how to travel between these three countries comes into question. We have to figure out how to travel between Denmark and Sweden, and then from Sweden to Finland. We could use the prize money for train travel from Copenhagen, Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden since there is an excellent railway connection between these cities. This way we could also emphasize the importance of choosing the green way of traveling whenever it is possible. From Stockholm to Helsinki we will travel by ferry because it is better option than flying when considering the carbon footprint.

2. AEGEE-Mannheim: “We would do anything for Green Travelling”

AEGEE-Mannheim says:

Our concept is designed to motivate participants to find the ‘greenest way’ to the Spring AGORA Rhein-Neckar. It will reward the ‘greenest travellers’ in a competition.We want to share the idea within the AEGEE network (mailing lists, Facebook, Twitter) before the EBM and AGORA and we plan to distribute the postcards during the EMB. We want to catch the network’s attention, make them aware of this very important topic.

This is the point where we want the participants to get involved themselves and suggest their own ideas on how to reach the Spring AGORA Rhein-Neckar in the ‘greenest way’. The two best ideas will be rewarded during the AGORA with 100€ each. Only those who put their ideas into reality will actually win the price money. Proofs can be videos or  photos.Furthermore we plan to invest the major part of the price money in the thematic structuring of a Green Spring AGORA in Mannheim, by using environmental friendly paper for all printings, reducing plastic waste to the minimum by making use of recyclable cups and eco-friendly packing for food.

AEGEE-Manheim - We_would_do_anything_for_green_travelling_postcards1 AEGEE-Manheim - We_would_do_anything_for_green_travelling_postcards3 AEGEE-Manheim - We_would_do_anything_for_green_travelling_postcards5
We will prepare signs to make the participants aware of the waste separation in Germany and its importance for society. We will actively promote Green Travelling by explaining on our webpage how people can reach Mannheim eco-friendly. We will encourage the EnWG and other reputable people or bodies to give workshops on Green Travelling and we hope to cooperate with the EnWG in all matters in order to realise an eco-friendly AGORA.