Y Vote 2009

Y Vote 2009 – European Youth Choice

Basic information

Established: 2008
Ended in: 2009

National winner of European Charlemagne Youth Prize in Greece 2010

Press release in European Parliament website
Website: http://www.parethesi.gr/

Awarded with the “Social Literacy Reviewed” Label



Y Vote 2009 was a European wide campaign designed to encourage young people in Europe to make informed choices at European Parliament elections in 2009. It also aimed to empower European youth to stand for the most important social issues in our continent. It has spread those ideas all over Europe in more than 100 European and local activities.

Project activities included a series of small and large-scale actions in diverse formats and through diverse media, with local, regional, national and European dimension, designed to challenge political ignorance and disinterest among young people by providing them with information, competences and motivation to become informed voters and, beyond that, active citizens in the political discourse of their communities and at the European scale.

The campaign was designed by young people for young people. Policy issues chosen for the campaign were the ones shaping personal and professional realities for prospects for young people (education, emloyment, mobility, EU social model) as well as the political, economic, social and cultural context they live in, and could live in (citizenship, multiculturalism, creativity, EU and the world, migrations).

Y vote 2009 Campaign included a series of nation-wide actions taking place from October 2008 to June 2009. The campaign consisted of  five integrated campaign components:

  • Street Actions, oriented towards general audience
  • Campus Actions, oriented towards students
  • Arena Actions, connecting the message to sports and popular culture
  • Spotlight Actions, spreading the message towards media
  • Voice Actions, facilitating dialogue with politicians

Mention in European Parliament TV:


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Youth Agenda 2009

AEGEE’s manifesto on the parliamentary elections in 2009. It is the result of the Y Vote campaign 2009 that was conducted all over Europe. The opinions of young people have been gathered in 12 conferences on diverse topics like migration and multiculturalism.

Final booklets of Y Vote conferences:

The Y Vote project organized 10 conferences around Europe on different topics related to young people. In these, participants drafted concrete recommendations which were included in the final Youth Agenda for the newly elected Members of the European Parliament after Parliamentary Elections in 2009.