Position Paper on Languages in Europe: A Clear European Language Policy, Ensuring Effective Communication and Equal Rights for all Citizens

Aug 19, 2010

Topicality European integration from its start has been a multilingual process. Europe’s history has been defined by a variety of nations, all having their own language. On top of the big national languages, that have seen their usage spread far beyond the borders of Europe in the colonial era, every region in Europe has its […]

Position Paper on Youth Mobility: Simplified Visa Procedure for Unremunerated Trainees or Volunteers

Jun 26, 2010

Topicality The freedom of movement and access to mobility is one of the fundamental rights of all residents on the European continent. Moving forward the strive towards economic social and cultural integration and self-identification of Europeans united in their diversity faces the obstacles of visa and border policy inherited from the XIX century. Today more and […]

Contribution of AEGEE-Europe to the European Commission’s White Paper: Youth Policy

Feb 18, 2000

“European values, mobility in Europe and Europe in the world” 1) At the beginning of the 21st century, Europe is facing a big challenge: the institutional concept  has to evolve into a concept uniting its people. In order to develop a truly European identity and to share common values, Europe’s citizens have to add the […]

Statement for Europe: A European Students’ Vision for Real European Citizenship

May 02, 1999

Introduction Europe needs to make a decisive step forward in order to face the challenges of the next millenium. Nation states and the European institutions in their present shape are not sufficient to secure peace and stability in Europe, to solve environmental problems and to balance between the forces of the market and the social […]

Declaration of Greek & Turkish Friendship – 1997

Dec 10, 1997

We, AEGEE members AND young people of Greece and Turkey aware of our past and history, recognising the differences and the common elements of our national identities, aspiring to a peaceful coexistence and cooperation of our countries in the future, hereby declare our awareness that between the two countries there are disputes; our strong belief […]

Position Paper: For a European Youth-Policy in the Union

Nov 26, 1997

Position paper on the European Union youth policies. Introduction The role of Youth in the European construction has been acknowledged by many sides. But still, in many cases this recognition is only made of empty wordings. Young people in Europe are called to be active players in the European construction. At the same time the […]

Position Paper: What Can Students Bring to the People to People Link Dimension of the New Transatlantic Agenda?

May 06, 1997

Position Paper AEGEE is an independent, international, interdisciplinary, widely spread association of European students. As such it has always been striving to foster and strengthen the contacts between young people – not only in Europe, but also across the continents. The new Transatlantic Agenda is a very good opportunity for us to start a discussion […]