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happy May! Finally we have reached spring and we hope that all over the Network the sun shines as brightly as for us!

With this newsletter, you will receive updates on our work with the Council of Europe, the famous SU project, as well as the YO-Fest and other external opportunities for you!

Enjoy your read!

Comité Directeur

News from AEGEE

Identity of AEGEE: have your say!

Do you want to have a say on what AEGEE should be?
What should AEGEE stand for as an organisation?

We have started reflecting together on this last autumn. After summing up the first round of consultation, we have now prepared the second survey.

It is time for you to it in:

When you do so, think big, be creative and don’t let yourself be limited! We are looking forward to all of your answers!

AEGEE-Europe elected for the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe

In the COMEM (Council of Members) of the European Youth Forum which happened a few days ago in Brussels, AEGEE-Europe was elected to represent the Member Organizations of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) inside the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe for the next 2 years.

The Advisory Council on Youth is a body representing International Youth Organisations and National Youth Councils, which has a co-decision power on all the policies and intiatives dealing with Youth inside the Council of Europe.

These are great news for our organisation. Read more about it in the AEGEEan magazine:

If you want to know more about the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe check this link:

Summer Universities 2013

The application period of the Summer Universties 2013 finished and the final numbers are impressive! In total there were 4155 applications for 2189 avaiable places, which means roughly two application per place. Most applications came from AEGEE-Budapest (252), followed by AEGEE-Praha (141) by Antenna .

Have a look at the statistics & record page for full info:

On 2th of May the preselection finished and the results were sent to organizers and to participants. You can find result of your application in the section “Check application status” or on this link:

Youth Rights Campaign event in Strasbourg

Last week AEGEE-Europe organized an event in Strasbourg in the European Youth Center of the Council of Europe, bringing many different international organisations to draft a campaign on Youth Rights in Europe.

As you might know, AEGEE-Europe participated in the 9th Council of Ministers on Youth of the Council of Europe in Saint Petersburg, Russia, last September, where we protested against the violation of certain Human and Youth Rights like freedom of expression. During this event no agreement was reached by Member States on common recommendations on youth issues in Europe, which is why it was considered as a failure buy the Council of Europe.
As a follow-up, we decided to draft a common campaing of youth organisations, promoting youth rights to member states as well as to young people in all European countries.

We counted on organizations like JEF, YEU, OBESSU, AEGEE, TEJO, EFIL, Belgium National Youth Council (Flemish), Portuguese National Youth Council, European Youth Forum, Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, UNEP, ELSA and IGLYO to help us to make the best campaign possible.

The campaign will be named Youth Rights.NOW

Very soon it will be launched. We will call for Member States of the Council of Europe to create a Legal Binding Framework inside the Council of Europe for Youth Rights to be respected and recognized all the countries as well as calling young people around the continent to take action.

Read more why Youth Rights need action now:

Luis panelist in the “Relauching Europe” event of the S&D Group of the EU Parliament in Sofia, Bulgaria

Our president Luis participated in the “Relauching Europe” event of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament in Sofia, Bulgaria. He participated in a pannel on the topic of Education, Mobility and Skills as a way to tackle the high levels of Youth Unemployment. Luis shared the pannel with other high level speakers such as Hannes Swoboda, President of the S&D Group of the European Parliament, Sergei Stanishev (President of the Party of European Socialists (PES), Katarina Nevedalova (Member of the European Parliament and Vice President of the PES, Thomas Maes (Secretay General of YES) and many others.

AEGEE-Europe in the spotlight of the second biggest and most influential political group in the European Parliament, asking us to give input in topics such as Youth Unemployment, the new Youth Guarantee, Mobility, Skills and Education.

The AEGEEan Section

AEGEE and Science, let the love story revive!

As a young researcher interested in how the world works, I have always been surprised by the limited amount of science-related events we have in AEGEE. While it is true that our members are mostly studying social sciences and languages, this should not keep them from being curious. Science can be a great fun, specially when dealt with in a non-formal way! We have a big deal of members studying almost all scientific disciplines, with the knowledge and a passion for sharing.

Read more:

AEGEE-Patra bringing Agora home to its roots

It came as a little surprise to many that next Spring Agora organiser will be AEGEE-Patra. Representatives from the antenna already told The AEGEEan about their plans, when they were elected as Local of the Month and in Mannheim it was announced that they will indeed be the hosts next year.


Read more:

Go for EBM Lublin 2014

During the Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar, it was confimed that the next EBM will be organized by AEGEE-Lublin. Lublin is a Polish city situated in the south -east of the country , it’s one of the major cultural centres of Poland and this is shown by the fact that the city is a candidate for becoming European Capital of Culture in 2016. We asked the happy team some questions about the event they are organising.

Read more:

Kicking the Ball Against Racism

While many AEGEE members were spending their time green travelling with the destination Mannheim, the Sports Working Group (SWG) was hosting a football tournament for the ones already in the city.

The idea behind the active afternoon was not only to raise awareness about physical activity but also to inform members about the topic of racism in sports. In a collaborative project between the SWG and Policy Officer Stephanie Müller, Agora Rhein-Neckar was used to consult AEGEE members about racism.

Read more:

Beyond AEGEE

New Media Summer School 2013

New Media Summer School will bring together 32 young people from 32 countries prior to the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) 2013 in Lisbon (Portugal) between 20th and 21st June 2013 in order to develop the field of internet governance bringing forward the opinion of young people from different regions in Europe and its surrounding areas.
The event aims to develop young people’s competences on internet governance issues, make the voice of young people heard and provide them a chance to participate in IG debate. It is organised my consortium of 5 International Youth Organisations Youth for Exchange and Understanding International, AEGEE, JEF, European Youth Press and Federation of Young European Greens and coordinated by European Youth Forum.

Read more at:

European Youth Forum – Youth Policy Watch

In this issue, read about the effects of youth unemployment in Europe, a review of the Irish Presidency and what the Domestic Workers Convention could mean to young people if implemented.

Read more:

Get ONE of 100 FREE InterRail tickets to YOFest

The new edition of the Yo Fest, organised by the European Youth Forum is set!

Don’t miss this opportunity, They will have a succession of debates, competitions, games, screenings, discussions and of course some music… and more! There will also be stands, a hall of mirrors, a circus tent and some flying objects!

Apply here till 6th of May:

Help in supporting the Erasmus programme!

Fraterinte 2020 is a European Citizens initiative aiming at supporting the Erasmus programme in the context of the negociation of the EU budget for 2014 – 2020. The goal is to get 3% of the EU budget for these programmes (currently the share is only 1.6%!).

What Fraterinte 2020 wants:

  • Making more funds available for EU exchange programmes.
  • Making sure programmes develop more skills among the participants.
  • Tracking progress in the field of mobility through better monitoring.

AEGEE is supporting the initiative, and encourages you to contribute to this important call, by signing the petition and helping to reac the 1 Million people.

You can sign Fraterinte 2020 here:

External Opportunities

ThinkYoung invites you to their Entrepreneurship Summer School

ThinkYoung organizes the 4th edition of the Entrepreneurship Summer School. This event allows young people to gain first hand knowledge regarding business start-ups. There will be real life entrepreneurs who will pass on experience directly to participants! Besides, participants will have an exclusive opportunity to present their business ideas to investors.

Participants will also have the unique opportunity attend a conference at the European Parliament and engage in a debate with Members of European Parliament about entrepreneurship.

The programme will last 5 days, from the 8th till the 12th of July 2013.

Spaces are subjected to CV and motivation letters and are based on a first come first served basis. Participants can either apply online on the website or send their CV and motivational letter to schools@thinkyoung

Read more:

ESTIEM Summer Academy

ESTIEM Summer Academy Team would like to invite you to attend one of the most special and unique event of ESTIEM: Summer Academy 2013! The ESTIEM Summer Academy gives you a chance to spend two weeks on developing your leadership and personal skills while being mentored by two Academic Leaders of ESTIEM: Dietrich Brandt from RWTH Aachen and Jim Platts from University of Cambridge.

This year you can apply for:

  • Dietrich Brandt’s Summer Academy in Gdansk
  • Jim Platts’ Summer Academy in Vilnius

To get a place at the Summer Academy it is necessary to prepare a CV, write a motivation letter and email it to The Academic Leader of each event will choose the participants based on the motivation letter.

You will find all the needed information here:

Traineeships in the European Parliament

Parliament offers several options for traineeships within its Secretariat, to provide opportunities for vocational training and for learning more about what the European Parliament is and does.

The traineeships may be paid or unpaid and are of the following types: a general option, a journalism option and traineeships for translators.

When applying online, you have a maximum of 30 minutes to complete each page of the application form.

Application period: 15 March – 15 May (midnight)

Read more:

Job Opening at Study Portals

Our Partner StudyPortals currently has an interesting position as a User Experience Manager available.

From acting as a critical client to the in-house design and software development team till constantly improving the quality of all content, as User Experience Manager you are involved in the development of all of our online products and services. It is your job to identify and grab opportunities to improve the experience of millions of visitors from all over the world. This is an exciting opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial atmosphere and with a highly motivated, quickly growing, international team.

Find more information about the job here:

And send your application, including CV and motivation letter, to

AEGEE-Europe’s Newsletter – 16th April /aegee-europes-newsletter-16th-april/ Tue, 16 Apr 2013 17:53:02 +0000 /?p=3399 Dear AEGEEans, happy birthday!

Today, 28 years ago, the first EGEE conference took place in Paris. 28 years later, we have developed into one of the main stakeholders of student interests in Europe, a big provider of intercultural experience, and a big family of 13000 Europeans!

In this birthday edition, you will find updates from the perfectly organised Agora Rhein-Neckar (we are still impressed by Alex and his Hard-Core Team), our project Health for Youth, and the results of the European Boards’ Meeting Valletta.

Also, you will find opportunities for your local to take part in our thematic world: YVote and YouthUnemployment.

Enjoy your read!

Comité Directeur

News from AEGEE

Happy 28th Birthday AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum

Today, 28 years ago, the very first EGEE conference in Paris happened. Happy Birthday AEGEE / European Students’ Forum! Making Europe our home since 1985.

Agora Rhein Neckar was a success!

Last week, our General Assembly took place in Mannheim, and was the fruit of the collaboration among 7 German locals, which proved that “together, everything is possible”. For 5 days, the Agora gathered 600 members to make important decisions regarding the future of our organisation, to discuss the latest developments of our projects, and to update our membesr about what is happening in our organisation!

In our General Assembly, members voted for the people who will represent them and discussed Education policies and the future EU 2014 Elections! It was also the time to talk about future development of the organisation, e.g. the new planning cycle which will start in 2014. Lots of things have happened during the Agora, and of course, we have had the chance to meet again with our friends from all over Europe!

Voting and elections results Spring Agora Rhein Neckar 2013

Network Commission

Newly elected mebers of Network Commission: Antonija Parat, Meltem Darakci, Patricia Anthony, Dominique Lenssen, Anna Moricz and Vira Kakhnych.

Secretary of the Agora

Elena Antova is elected as Secretary of the Agora

Juridical Commission

Diana Tupchienko and Atanas Nachkov, are elected to the Juridical Commission. Diana is elected President of Juridical Commission.

Comité Directeur

Beata Matuszka, Kathrin Renner, Miguel Gallardo and Pavel Zbornik are elected members of the Comité Directeur for 2013/2014.

Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe

Anna Gots is elected as Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe

Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe

Lucille Rieux is elected as Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe

President of AEGEE-Europe

Luis Alvarado Martinez is elected as President of AEGEE-Europe.

The document with all results you can find on this link:

Health4Youth Project of AEGEE-Europe included in the Best Practice Guide of Youth Coalition of the WHO of UN

Our Health4Youth Project has been included in the Best Practice Guide of the European Environment and Health Youth Coalition (EEHYC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) of United Nations.

The Document will serve as a repository of examples of projects implemented by youth in different European countries (53 Member States of European Region). This is meant to give greater importance to and facilitate youth involvement in the decision making process on Environment and Health at a European level. At the same time it will be used to spread the word about youth projects and inspire other young people worldwide to take action.

Read more about the EEHYC:

Action Agenda and EBM Recommendations

The recommendations of EBM Valletta were presented and approved at Agora Rhein- Neckar. This means that now they are ready to be put forward by our organisation in our advocacy and policy work in Europe.

You can find them here:

The Action Agenda for the year 2013-14 was drafted by the EBM in Valletta and approved by Agora Rhein-Neckar with small improvements. You can download it already to prepare and plan the activities for your local or project after the summer. Soon you will also receive a full pack of possible activties to be implemented in your local to achieve the objectives of the Action Agenda. Please contact act(at) or your Network Commissioner in case you need support.

You can find it here:

AEGEE Open Calls

Open call for hosting locals of thematic conferences of Y Vote 2014

Do you want to take part in the biggest and the most visible project of AEGEE network of 2014? Do you want to have an impact on young people in your city? Do you imagine youth’s voice being heard in Europe? Do you want others in your society to become active European citizens?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then this open call is for you!

The topics of the 4 first conferences taking place in 2013 are the following:

  • Kick off conference on ‘Youth and political participation’: around the end of September
  • Youth conference on ‘Youth (Un)employment’: in November
  • Youth conference on ‘Enlargement and EU Neighbourhood Policy’: in November
  • Youth conference on ‘Education, research and mobility’: in the beginning of December

Application deadline: April 20th 2013

Read more: /open-call-for-hosting-locals-of-thematic-conferences-within-y-vote-2014/

Open Call for hosting local – Training for multipliers – Y Vote – it’s up to You(th)

One essential aspect of the success of this project will be the involvement of the locals and the fact that YOU, in your own antennas, take action and organise local activities!

To make this happen, we want to organise a “training course for multipliers”, which will gather members who want their locals to take an active part in Y Vote, and want to gain skills and understanding about how to carry out local activities and local workshops about the European Parliamentary Elections in their cities!

During the event, participants will come up with creative and inspiring ideas which will be developed later in their locals and will improve their training skills in order to be able to act as multipliers in their cities!

Deadline: April 20th 2013

Read more: /open-call-for-hosting-local-training-for-multipliers-y-vote-its-up-to-youth/

European School of Entrepreneurship is looking for partners

Youth Unemployment will organize the third edition of European School of Entrepreneurship in November 2013. We are applying for Youth in Action grant (Action 4.3) and now we are looking for a partners for our project. We will appreciate if you could support us and our idea. The following countries are especially invited to apply: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

What is ESE? It is a project established in order to increase youth employability, stimulate the motivation of youth and their active participation in society. It is a 7 days training that will gather about 20 young Europeans: students or graduates from different countries who wish to use effectively their skills and ideas to get into enterprise and succeed in life. ESE consists workshops and practical case studies that will be held by training experts, speakers, and current successful entrepreneurs.

If you are interested please request and fill in the partners identification form by April 22, 2013 and send it to

The AEGEEan Section

Video Promotion for AEGEE

Recently it has become more and more popular in AEGEE to record high quality videos and make them go viral on the internet. Two antennae that are good in that matter are AEGEE-Napoli and AEGEE-Kyiv, and they are therefore both nominated for The AEGEEans Choice Awards 2013.

Read more:

Fresh, local, seasonal, and cheap?

Monday afternoon, the first class of the week is over. Lauren leaves the lecture hall and crosses the street to another university building. She’s excited, because today she will pick up her first vegetable bag. Like hundreds of students in Antwerpen and other cities, she can’t wait to discover what vegetables will be on the table this week. Will it be celeriac or spring onions, turnips or carrots? But she’s sure of one thing: they will be fresh, locally grown, seasonal, and organic. And they will be cheap.

Read more:

Human rights – a fashionable term or the real issue?

A few weeks ago, policy officers spammed our mailing lists demanding the members to fill in the surveys for their thematic researches. Now is the time to reflect on their results. The survey on human rights recognition, launched within the topic of social inclusion, revealed surprising results. In AEGEE, we state in our principles that we stand for human rights. Do we know what are we referring to?

Read more:

Move it for AEGEE

Last time The AEGEEan introduced the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) to you it was in connection with the first planning meeting between the Sports Working Group (SWG) and Policy Officer Eline De Graaf. The fourth planning meeting will take place in Agora Rhein-Neckar, however an extensive promotion campaign has already been started.

Read more:

Beyond AEGEE

YFJ – Youth Policy Watch

In this Issue, read about the recent statistics on youth unemployment in Europe, the Bali Youth Multi Stakeholder Meeting and the new Directive on Visa. Read also about the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery.

Read more:


The new edition of the Yo Fest, organised by the European Youth Forum is set!

Don’t miss this opportunity, They will have a succession of debates, competitions, games, screenings, discussions and of course some music… and more! There will also be stands, a hall of mirrors, a circus tent and some flying objects!

There are many interesting opportunities for young people to join! Read more about them here:

External Opportunities

Sustainable Thinking Platform Competition

The Sustainable Thinking Platform has launched a new, more exciting photo competition aimed at people aged 18-30 years old from all around the world. Participants are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 pictures.

This edition will run from 1 February until 30 April 2013 and all entries must address the following question “Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for Europe and beyond. How do we make it happen? All pictures must include a short explanatory text – of minimum 500 characters – addressing this particular question and indicating how we can make this happen. ou will have the chance to win an iPad mini.

Read more:

International Advocacy and Fundraising Positions

GVN is currently recruiting our 2013 International Interns. The role of International Interns is to represent the GVN Foundation and raise awareness of the Eat So They Can campaign in their region. Eat So They Can inspires people around the world to take action to bring an end to hunger. The funds raised through the campaign are used to improve the nutrition of children and women in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Deadline: 6 May 2013

Read more:

Traineeships in the European Parliament

Parliament offers several options for traineeships within its Secretariat, to provide opportunities for vocational training and for learning more about what the European Parliament is and does.

The traineeships may be paid or unpaid and are of the following types: a general option, a journalism option and traineeships for translators.

When applying online, you have a maximum of 30 minutes to complete each page of the application form.

Application period: 15 March – 15 May (midnight)

Read more:

Internship at the Barcelona Royal Cercle of Arts

The organisation Libertas International in cooperation with the Barcelona Royal Cercle of arts have open a call for 5 young people interested in doing an internship related to culture and arts. The centre which is based in a rural house very close to the beach lets interns to have fun and enjoy the beauty of the seaside. The interns will come for 2 or 3 weeks and will work 5-6 hours per day. The internship will take place during the months of July and August 2013

Deadline: 15 June 2013

Read more:

AEGEE-Europe’s Newsletter – 15th March /aegee-europes-newsletter-15th-march/ Fri, 15 Mar 2013 18:10:35 +0000 /?p=3179 Dear AEGEEans,

in this edition of the Newsletter, you will find news about AEGEE’s  participation in the EU Youth Conference in Dublin and about us joining the Civil Society Platform on Mulitlingualism.

Also, you will find two new sections: Open Calls, which will show you the opportunities there currently are to get more involved, and the AEGEEan section, where you can find current articles from our online magazine.

Finally, in the external section, this time you can find job opportunities from Careers International as well as an opportunity for scholarships in Germany.

Enjoy your read!

Comité Directeur

News from AEGEE

AEGEE at the EU Youth Conference in Dublin

EUYCAEGEE as participated in the consultation round on youth and social inclusion in the Structured Dialogue on Youth under the Irish EU presidency, culminating in the EU Youth Conference  taking place from March 11th-13th in Dublin. Bringing together the results of the consultation of the National Working Groups and the International Youth Organisations, 150 young European have discussed with 100 policy makers and came up with 21 conclusions regarding the improved inclusion of youth in society.

Employment was identified as crucial criteria for inclusion. Marleen Dijkhoff, representing AEGEE at the EU Youth Conference, says: “It showed that young people often are most vulnerable in a transition period. This is why one of the joint recommendations of the conference is to ensure the transition from education to employment. Young people should be provided with quality career guidance counselling and job coaching, paid internships and paid apprenticeships of good quality that meet their skills and interests.”

Another strong recommendation was to ensure equal, free of charge and quality education from primary to tertiary levels regardless of the students’ background.
You can find the final recommendations here:

AEGEE joins the Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism

MultilingualismOn Friday, 8th of March, Nico Huurman and Kathrin Renner attended the meeting of the Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism which AEGEE joined recently as associate member.

The platform was established in 2009 with the purpose of promoting multilingualism in Europe and serve as a forum for the exchange of best practices among non-governmental organisations in the fields of multilingualism in relation to culture, media, non-formal and informal education.

Since 2001 AEGEE has been involved in the promotion of languages in Europe with activities such as the European Day of Languages, initiated by the council of Europe, and language focussed Summer Universities. In 2012, a new language working group was established. This is why AEGEE reacted to the open call for new members to join the platform. AEGEE has been selected and we will play our role representing especially the voice of youth there.

In this meeting of the platform, the European Commission presented the latest developments of language policy in the context of the Rethinking Education Strategy and the Erasmus for All proposal, as well as consulted the members of the platform on issues such as quality assurance of language teaching in formal education, recognition of non-formal and informal ways of language learning and inclusivity of language teaching in Europe.

AEGEE Open Calls

OPEN CALL for Project Team – Y VOTE 2014

For already quite some time, AEGEEans have been working on the preparation of a project on the European parliamentary elections taking place in June 2014.YVote 2014, the new edition of on of our most succesful projects in recent years, YVote 2009, will kick of at Agora Rhein-Neckar. Of course, the new project will have some innovations.


The new project team is still looking for team mebers for the positions of Financal Manager, Communications Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinatoer, and Quality Assessment Coordinator.

Read more: /open-call-for-project-team-y-vote-2014/

OPEN CALL for Locals – Actions of Europe In Exchange Project

Europe in Exchange (EiE), AEGEE-Europe project, aims at bringing all the students and young people in Europe and neighbourhood countries the possibility to take part in mobility programmes.

Europe in Exchange wants you to help to promote mobility programmes and make easier for students to participate during 2013 (both during this and the next semester). Therefore, we proudly invite you to collaborate with us in organizing some of our actions at local and European level!

Read more: /open-call-for-locals-actions-of-europe-in-exchange-project/

OPEN CALL Members of IT Committee (also for Non-IT)!

IT Committee is looking for fresh and motivated members willing to get involved in exciting AEGEE world of IT!
ITC is open to all members who are willing to deal with AEGEE IT infrastructure and services but not only, also  to those which are interested in how to use Web 2.0 tools or in Internet Governance topic, which deals with topics, like privacy, freedom of expression, censorship or copyright.

Read more: /open-call-members-of-it-committee-also-for-non-it/

The AEGEEan Section

NetCom Times: Getting Serious about Sustainability

Getting serious about sustainabilitySustainable development… Green growth… Sustainability… The air is packed with sustainable buzzwords and it is hard to open a newspaper these days without finding an article on some sustainability topic. Regardless of the many empty uses ofthe word, it cannot be denied that sustainability is the challenge of our generation, as was confirmed by over 40% of respondents in the recent AEGEE Survey on sustainability.

Read more:

The NetCom Times presents: Scare Homophobia out of Europe

Scare Homophobia out of EuropeThe Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) topic is one of much controversy. In a world in which LGBT’s can marry in only eleven countries, there is still much to be done for equality in this field. Even within AEGEE, as the survey on homophobia shows, 8% of the members considers violence directed at LGBT’s justified because of their sexual orientation.

Read more:

AEGEE-Utrecht: Reliable Media – Myth or Reality?

reliable Media – myth or realityThe world develops constantly and causes the changes of values, that people have. Scientists call our modern society “information & media-oriented”, because information has recently become the most important value. But is all the information useful? AEGEE-Utrecht tries to find the answer to this difficult question.
Read more:

Beyond AEGEE

YFJ – Youth Policy Watch

YFJRead about the EPSCO Council’s recommendation for the Youth Guarantee and social inclusion consultation conclusions in preparation for the EU Youth Conference. Read also about developments of a Macedonian Youth Council, European Equal Pay Day and much more!
Read more:

External Opportunities

Careers International Top Engineers Summits in Brussels in Berlin

Are you open to a great and unexpected career move?

If you are an engineering graduate and have up to two years of experience in a leading company, then top players from all over Europe are waiting to talk to you about their best jobs.

Once registered, Top Engineers Europe will allow you to interact with international recruiters in three ways:

  • by watching online presentations and applying directly to up to 20 companies to be on their radar screen
  • by attending the “Top Engineers Europe Summit” on 26 & 27 April 2013  in Brussels or the “Top Engineers Germany Summit” on 6 & 7 May 2013 in Berlin and  meet face-to-face with recruiters, provided that you have been selected by one of the participating companies by participating in the “OneDayWith online
  • events” between March and July 2013 and have the opportunity to interact with employers from your desk.

For more information, visit

Shape Europe! Scholarships at the Studienkolleg in Berlin 2013/14

Studienkolleg zu BerlinThe Studienkolleg zu Berlin awards 30 scholarships for students from all over Europe. The accepted scholars will participate in a special programme of lectures
and seminars and will work in international and interdisciplinary teams on current topics in the European context.

The financial support of the Studienkolleg is 800 €.  The aim of the scholarship is to create a European network of outstanding and talented young citizens.

Application deadline is the 1st of April 2013. All applicants have to have good knowledge of German.

For more Information, visit:

Europe&Me is Looking for Contributors

Europe and meEurope & Me ( is Europe’s first online lifestyle magazine from young Europeans for young Europeans. (short one, ideal for social media).
“Contributors” are the people who produce the content of the magazine. You want to see your name at the top of a E&M article? You want to draw the world for E&M? You want to use your style to mould the design of E&M? Then you want to work at the heart of the magazine as a contributor. Most contributors are authors or writers, some are photographers, filmmakers, cartoonists, proof-readers, copy editors, and much more.

Find out more at:

Traineeships in the European Parliament

EPParliament offers several options for traineeships within its Secretariat, to provide opportunities for vocational training and for learning more about what the European Parliament is and does.
The traineeships may be paid or unpaid and are of the following types: a general option, a journalism option and traineeships for translators.

When applying online, you have a maximum of 30 minutes to complete each page of the application form.

Application period: 15 March – 15 May (midnight)

Read more:

UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) Blog Competition on the Environment

UNEPIn 2010 the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) World Environment Day campaign sponsored an amazing trip for a green blogger, Tuesday Phillips, to go to Rwanda. In 2011 it was Ximena Prugue who won the prize to go to India. For 2012, Scott Bartlett got to blog about World Environment Day from Brazil.
This year, we are looking for the next green blogger to take the campaign to the next level. UNEP, in partnership with TreeHugger, invites you to enter the 2013 World Environment Day blogging competition by writing an inspiring blog on this year’s theme: Think.Eat.Save.
The task is to call for heightened awareness and immediate action to reduce food waste and loss across the food supply chain. There is so much to blog about!
Just consider some of these facts:
See more at:

BEST Students’ Survey

BESTOur partner BEST has designed a survey aimed at defining the needs of students to better adapt youth organisations to them. It’s primarily adressed to Engineering students, but can be filled out by anyone. The results are also highly valuable for AEGEE and will be shared with us.

Contribute and fill it in until the 20th of March 2013.

Access the survey on this link:

AEGEE-Europe’s Newsletter – 4th March /aegee-europes-newsletter-4th-march/ Mon, 04 Mar 2013 19:42:16 +0000 /?p=3124 Dear AEGEEans,

after closing an inspiring and productive European Boards’ Meeting in Valletta, we are now processing the results and you will find them in the next Newsletter.

Meanwhile, you can find in this edition updates about the Health4Youth Project, Summer Universities, and Europe on Track among others.

You also can find the possibility of winning a 500 Euros Amazon Voucher by filling in the trendence survey or find the university of your future with the Web2Present online courses.

Have a good reading!

Comité Directeur

News from AEGEE

Application period for Summer Universities 2013 is opened

We are glad to announce that application period for Summer Universities is open and will be closed on 28th of April 2013. Deatails about individual SU’s you can find on SU page /su

Find more information:

Europe on Track wins the National Youth competition in Spain

On 4th of March 2013, Comité Directeur received a call from the Spanish Youth Institute, part of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Spain, informing us that the Europe on Track project has been selected as Spanish Contester of the EU Charlemagne Youth Prize, and will be participating in the Charlemagne finals in Aachen with the other 26 national winners. Congratulations to all the people who have taken part in this project and let’s cross our fingers for the finals.

Watch Europe on Track Trailer:

Health 4 Youth kicks the project in the European Parliament

The H4Y project, which signed at Agora Budapest to become an AEGEE-Europe Project, officially kicked off on Tuesday 19th of February, with a Press Conference organised in the European Parliament.

You can see record of this press conference on this video:

EBM Valletta 2013

From 28th of February till 3rd of March, AEGEE-Valletta hosted AEGEE’s biggest thematic conference, the European Boards’ Meeting. Topic of EBM Valletta was Future of Europe, which included panel discussions on the topics “Impact of the Crisis on Young People” and “European Identity”, drafting recommendations and finalizing Action Agenda for 2013/2014. Outputs will be presented soon, so stay tuned!

You can watch the speech of Androulla Vassiliou – European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Sport, Media and Youth, which was dedicated to the participants of EBM Valletta.

AEGEE Debate

AEGEE Debate is a project of International Politics Working Group (IPWG) has kicked off: AEGEE Debate has the aim of providing two-sided debates with educative and informative content which are beneficial for mutual understanding between people.

So far it started with the topic “Rich people should pay more taxes”. More debates will come, e.g. on the topic of ”Voting in European elections should be compulsory for European citizens.”

Find out more and join debate at:

The results of the first survey on Youth Participation are out!

After finishing the survey on Youth Participation, we know that many of you are looking forward to the answers. The results are very motivating for us and also draw a clear line on the path AEGEE members want to take regarding Youth Participation.

Interested? Then continue reading.

Beyond AEGEE

TUNZA: Youth goes for Sustainability

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) TUNZA International Youth Conference took place 10th-14th February in Nairobi (Kenya), and it provided a platform for over 300 young people from 100 countries to come together to exchange information, best practices and most importantly, learn from each other.

Read more on AEGEE’s blog:

External Opportunities

Have your say and win one of the seducing prizes!!

TrendenceFill in the trendence survey and have your say about what YOU expect from your future career and how satisfied you are with your studies.

You can win on of 5 Amazon vouchers of each €500 or one of 10 Amazon vouchers of each €200 

To participate please click here:

The survey gathers student opinions (ca. 350.000) from across Europe and explores differences and similarities that exist among the individual countries. It  is quick and easy to fill out. Your answers will be anonymous and your data will be legally protected. After completing the survey, you can compare your answers to the average results of students in Europe.

More info about the trendence GBE:

Land the career of your dreams with ESCP!

ESCP Europe, the world’s first business school (est. 1819), will host a free webinar about its unique double degree 1 year Master in European Business which takes place in two separate countries. The webinar, hosted by web2present, will take place on Tuesday March 5th @ 18.30 CET (recording will be available).

Presentations will be done by Academic Director Alberto Martinez and Diego Crespo (student) who will answer all your questions.

Join us by registering now, it’s free – only the coffee is on you 😉

Intercultural press trip to Mecklenburg

The Kreativsaison Mecklenburg project is looking for 6 young journalist from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands for an intercultural press trip to Mecklenburg.. The #balticdiscovery trip will take place May 3-8, 2013. You can find all further information on this picture:

SAP E-Learning Courses in Spain and Portugal

Obtain the official SAP consultant certification! The University of Duisburg-Essen in cooperation with SAP University Alliances offers e-learningcourses with original SAP-software – exclusively for students. Courses are 100% online and allow youa maximum of flexibility.

Registration for the Spanish courses is open until April 7 th 2013.

Contact information:
Tel.: +34 911 23 42 28

AEGEE-Europe’s Newsletter – 15th February /aegee-europes-newsletter-15th-february/ Fri, 15 Feb 2013 14:36:22 +0000 /?p=2976 Dear AEGEEans,

Welcome to the February edition of AEGEE-Europe’s newsletter. The new month has brought a big change to the association: AEGEE has moved its headoffice to a new location in Brussels. Official launch of AEGEE’s Social Responsibility Fund is also connected with this month.

Among other news, in this month’s edition of the newsletter, you will find AEGEE’s positions on the Communication of the Commission Rethinking education: investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes, as well as to the results of the European Council Meeting on the next Multinannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the period of 2014-2020.

Have a good reading and see you at the EBM!

Comité Directeur

News from AEGEE

New Location of AEGEE-Europe’s Headoffice

From this week, the head office of AEGEE have has a new address: Rue du Noyer 55, 1000 Brussels. Placed in the center of Brussels, in walking distance from the European Institutions, it corresponds better to the needs of our association. We are looking forward to welcoming you here.


See pictures taken during moving on AEGEEan Facebook page.

AEGEE’s Social Responsability Fund Launched!

AEGEE’s Social Responsability Fund is a support fund to make possible for economically disadvantaged members to participate in the complete AEGEE experience, by reimbursing travel-related costs and participation fees..

You can apply to the ASRF for any event or conference which is related to AEGEE field of work. The more related it is to AEGEE, the more opportunities you have to receive the support for it.

Special Open Call for Agora Rhein Neckar: You can present your request for support to attend Agora Rhein Neckar until Friday Feb 22nd.

More information including Working format, Selection Criteria and Applicaiton Form you can find: /for-members/social-responsibility-fund/

Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus Area

From 7th-11th of February, AEGEE-Bakı organised a Conflict Resolution Meeting which brought young peacemakers of different regions of Europe and the Middle East to the capital of Azerbaijan, to share experiences and best practices of their work within their local communities. President Luis Alvarado Martinez, Projects Director Miguel Gallardo Albajar and Liaison Officer towards OSCE Alin Florin Calin attended the event as AEGEE-Europe’s representatives and took the opportunity to meet with Azerbaijan’s Youth Council (NAYORA), the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan. Future collaboration for new projects on conflict resolution was discussed, with a special focus on the situation of the region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Concept Development Meeting regarding a project for the European Elections 2014

At the end of January, about 10 of our members gathered in the CD house to develop a concept for a project on the topic of the European Elections 2014! Two days of fruitful discussions led to lay the ground for the basic structure of the project, the aim and objectives and lots of ideas to encourage young people to take an active part in the European Elections in 2014. Soon you will hear more about it!
Y Vote II

Beyond AEGEE

What kind of Europe do we want for 2014-2020?

AEGEE-Europe sadly acknowledges the poor outcome reached by the EU head of states, regarding the European Union’s Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-202, which was agreed upon during the summit of the Council of the European Union on 7th and 8th of February. A last minute agreement was reached, which seems to satisfy rather those EU members states which prefer to keep the European Union’s means of action limited.


For the very first time, the overall expenditure limit of the MFF has been reduced compared to the previous budget. “What kind of commitment to Europe are the heads of Members States showing to their citizens by cutting the budget of the EU for the next 7 years?” asks Luis Alvarado Martinez, President of the European Students’ Forum (AEGEE-Europe).

Read more: /what-kind-of-europe-do-we-want-for-2014-2020/

AEGEE-Europe’s Position on Rethinking Education

AEGEE welcomes the initiative of the European Commission inviting the Member States, the European Parliament, the European Council, the European Economic and Social Committee, and the Committee of the Regions, to reform the structure of the Educational Systems in Europe. We agree that the current education model is outdated and does not match a society that has changed at high speed through the last decades.


However, we regret that the Commission does not address education in all its dimensions, but chooses to focus only on its impact on the employment rate of young people. We acknowledge the importance of education in solving the issue of unemployment, but we consider it necessary to truly “rethink education”.

Read more: /aegee-europes-position-on-the-communication-of-the-european-commission-rethinking-education-investing-in-skills-for-better-socio-economic-outcomes/

Student conference in Aix-en-Provence with US students on the topic “Ecocide: Perspectives on the Environment”

JuniataEvery year, AEGEE-Europe co-organizes an annual Student conference bringing together European students with US students to debate on different topics, in partnership with the JUNIATA COLLEGE (Baker Institute for Peace & Conflict Studies) and the Institute for American Universities.

Our supporter Professor James Skelly is coordinating the next one, which will take place in Aix-en-Provence (France), from the 14th to 16th of March 2013. This year the conference will be focusing on the topic of: “Ecocide: Perspectives on the Environment“.
In the following links you can download all the information.


External Opportunities

Photo contest about UnEmployment

The ILO Youth Employment Programme is organizing a photo contest to shed light on youth employment issues, the challenges young people face in the workplace as well as their power to overcome them.


The objective of the contest is to highlight the challenges young people face in the workplace, as well as innovative ideas to address them. Photos submitted by participants should capture youth at work (in different places and under various conditions) in a creative and original manner.

You can win prices up to 1000 USD.

Deadline: 15th of April 2013

Read more:–en/index.htm

Have your say and win one of the seducing prizes!!

TrendenceFill in the trendence survey and have your say about what YOU expect from your future career and how satisfied you are with your studies.

You can win on of 5 Amazon vouchers of each €500 or one of 10 Amazon vouchers of each €200 

To participate please click here:

The survey gathers student opinions (ca. 350.000) from across Europe and explores differences and similarities that exist among the individual countries. It  is quick and easy to fill out. Your answers will be anonymous and your data will be legally protected. After completing the survey, you can compare your answers to the average results of students in Europe.

More info about the trendence GBE:

The European Parliament – ‘why should I care?’

EPCHave you ever wanted to express YOUR passionate opinion about the significance of the European Parliament to the lives of EU citizens? Have you ever itched to participate in a pan-European initiative alongside other young and like-minded individuals? Have you ever dreamt of MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the European integration project?

In the frame of the future European Parliamentary Election 2014, the European Policy Centre is launching a call for entries in order to promote the European Parliament! If you wish to share your interest for Europe, and tell in an innovative and convincing manner why the European Parliament matters to you and why there is a need to vote in the 2014 European parliamentary elections, this is your chance!

More about the call here:

AEGEE-Europe’s Newsletter – 15th January /aegee-europes-newsletter-15th-january/ Tue, 15 Jan 2013 14:14:34 +0000 /?p=2769 News from AEGEE

Dear AEGEEans,

we wish you a very happy 2013 and hope that you have had a positive start into the new year.

To kick-start a new year of AEGEE-activities, we have some news for you! Find in the first newsletter 2013 the confirmation of our legend, the fact that AEGEE played a crucial role in the establishment of the ERASMUS programme, by Domenico Lenarduzzi, former head of the DG Eduation and Culture of the European Union.

You can also check out the winners of our InterRail competition, catch a review of AEGEE in 2012 and find many external opportunities.

Have a good reading!

Comité Directeur

The origin of the ERASMUS programme: Interview with Domenicco Lenarduzzi

After the passing away of AEGEE’s founder Franck Biancheri in October, we have started researching on his history and the history of our organisation, and particularly the legend around Frank Biancheri convincing François Mitterand, president of France at the time, to support the ERASMUS programme in 1984. At that time, it was vital to convince the members states that ERASMUS was an initiative which students would take ownership of. AEGEE was the student stakeholder who convinced the president of France to invest in this programme.

After France changed its position, also other countries like Germany and the UK gave their support. Find here an interview with Domenicco Lenarduzzi, former Head of the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission, under whose leadership the ERASMUS programme was drafted. In the interview, he confirmes that Franck Biancheri and AEGEE were crucial for setting the ERASMUS programme on its way. This proves that successful cooperation between policy makers and youth organisations can have a powerful positive impact.

Competition Winners: How would you promote sustainable travelling!

In November, InterRail offered two locals the unique opportunity to win 1250€ sponsoring their project or event for their creative video or poster on how to promote sustainable travelling. After careful evaluation of many creative entries, the jury consisting of Willemijn from InterRail, Iris from the Environmental Working Group, and the Comité Directeur, has chosen the two lucky winners! Congratulations and thank you once again to InterRail for offering this opportunity!

1. AEGEE-Helsinki: “Sustainability is to Travel Green”

2. AEGEE-Mannheim: “We would do anything for Green Travelling”

AEGEE-Mannheim: “We would do anything for Green Travelling”

Read More: /competition-winners-how-would-you-promote-sustainable-travelling/

AEGEE in 2012 video

Retrospective video which shows important moments and events of AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum in 2012.

Sustainability on track?

EoTDuring december, Mathieu Soete, Policy Officer on Sustainability, has been travelling all over Europe through the Europe on Track project. Just back from the tour, he shares with us what people around the continent think on the topics of sustainability.

You can read it here: /sustainability-on-the-track/

Policy Officers need your input!

This month, the Policy Officers of AEGEE-Europe are launching their questionnaires in order to receive your input on the topic chosen.

You can still contribute and give your valuable input on the topic of human rights: and on the topic of homophobia:

Beyond AEGEE

Vote for the changes that would make the most  difference to your world

MY WorldThe United Nations and partners want to hear from YOU! MY World is a global survey asking you to choose your priorities for a better world. Results will be shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda.Tell us about the world you want, because your voice matters.

Read more:

European Youth Forum’s Youth Policy Watch

YFJIn this first issue of the Youth Policy Watch of 2013, read why 2013 is a crucial year for the youth guarantee and investment in young people. Also in this issue read about the European year of citizens, the Irish Presidency and much more!

Read more:

The European Parliament: Why should I care?

Why should we care?Young citizens from EU member states and Croatia are invited to express in an innovative and convincing manner why the European Parliament is important to them, and why there is a need to vote in the next EP elections. They can write, sing, paint, dance, film or use any other creative ways to present their opinions to us by 28 March 2013.
Twenty winning participants will be awarded a trip to Brussels, where they will have the chance to present their successful entries, learn more about the EU institutions, and exchange ideas with EU decision makers and like-minded young Europeans.

More information:

External Opportunities

Service Civique in Paris

animafacANIMAFAC, a french network of student organisations, is looking for a young person to carry out a 6-month-mission in their organisation, who has a sufficiant understanding of french (both orally and written), and is free to start working on February 15th 2012.

There is no requierements in terms of education or competencies. We encourage any of our members who is looking for an exciting experience in a youth organisation and who is interested in developing his or her experience in the field of active citizenship and youth issues with a European focus.

As volunteer, you will receive 571,79 EUR a month to cover your costs. The mission is taking place in Paris, France, with possible travels in Europe.

In case you are interested, please send your motivation letter and CV to as soon as possible and we will forward your application to them.

Model European Union Strasbourg

MEUEvery year, MEU brings together a significant number of highly-skilled and motivated young Europeans and gives them the superb opportunity to have a first-hand experience of the functioning of European institutions right on the premises of the European Parliament. The project is thus completely original in the world of simulations and is already extremely popular among young Europeans from diverse backgrounds and studies spanning from Law, International Relations, Political Sciences and European Affairs to History, Media Studies, and Interpreting.

Deadline: 31th January 2013

Read more:

St Gallen Symposium

stgallen-symposiumEvery year, the competition for the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award offers graduate and postgraduate university students throughout the world the unique opportunity to qualify for an expenses-covered participation as “Leaders of Tomorrow” in the St. Gallen Symposium.

Competitors are invited to submit their thoughts and visions on the theme of the St. Gallen Symposium. All contributions will be evaluated according to specific criteria by an independent jury, composed of professors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and politicians.

The authors of the 100 best contributions qualify for a participation in the St. Gallen Symposium. The following highlights await the qualifiers:

  • Meet 600 top decision makers and 200 of the world’s brightest young minds
  • Expenses for travel, board and lodging covered, travel service provided
  • The three winners will present their work in front of the assembled plenum
  • The three winners share EUR 20,000 prize money

Read more:

Cash Prizes for Short Films on European Citizenship

video competitionThe European Economic and Social Committee invites creative young people from 18 to 30 years old to join this video competition and show what means to be European and how it feels about being a citizen of the European Union. This annual challenge encourages video creativity and the use of social networking, within youth across the 28 member states in Europe (including Croatia who will be joining the EU in 2013).Participants have to create a short video clip, between 30 seconds to 1 minute, on the theme “”European citizens”.” The video can use any EU language but should have English subtitles.

Deadline: 20th January 2013

Read more:

European Charlemagne Youth Prize

Charlemagne Youth PrizeThe European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen invite young people from all the EU Member States to participate in a competition on EU  development, integration and European identity issues.  The ‘European Charlemagne Youth Prize’ is awarded to projects, which:

  • promote the European and international understanding,
  • foster the development of a shared sense of European identity and integration,
  • serve as a role model for young people living in Europe and offer practical examples of Europeans living together as one community.

Applicants should be 16-30 years old.
The prize for the best project is €5000, the second, €3000 and the third, €2000.

Deadline: 28 January 2013
Read more:

AEGEE Newsletter – 19th December /aegee-newsletter-19th-december/ Tue, 18 Dec 2012 22:51:11 +0000 /?p=2543 News from AEGEE

Dear AEGEEans,

we would like to welcome you to the last newsletter for this year and invite you to have a look at the latest happenings inside our Network and in the youth world in Europe and to present you events and new initiatives in which you can still take part.

Have a good reading!

Happy Holidays and a good start into 2013!


Comité Directeur

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year 2013!

Christmas Card

The Europe on Track project is ending on the 19th-20th December

Europe on TrackIt has been a challenging and intense experience for Reka and the two Europe on Track teams, but Europe on Track is slowly coming to an end. After meeting the Spanish Youth Council in Madrid and the evaluation of the current situation in Spain, Team Red will spend the last days in Barcelona before leaving home. As for Team Blue, the final stop will be in Istanbul with discussions on visa regulations and EU-Turkish relations with external speakers.

Stay tuned for the results of the project!

Read more: /europeontrack/

Promote sustainable traveling: win € 1250 for your local!

InterRailWe would like to invite you to take part in a competition promoting sustainability and environmental awareness in which two lucky locals will win an award of 1250€, offered by our partner – InterRail!

The money is free for your use!

The topic of the competition is: “Promoting Green Travelling – Sustainable Europe by 2020”.

Think about it:

  • Do you care about a sustainable future – and do you want others to get involved?
  • How would YOU promote sustainable travelling?

Submit your video, poster or picture!

All ideas will be published on the Europe on Track page.

Deadline: 27th December 2012
Read More: /promote-sustainable-travelling-win-e1250-for-your-local/

Open Call for IT Assistant of Comité Directeur

OMSThe Comité Directeur is
issuing an Open Call for IT Assistant who will deal with the development of the Online Membership System (OMS). The period of
time that the Assistant will work depends on the availability of the Assistant. Ideally, the assistant will come to live in Brussels for
three months.

The selected IT Assistant will be working on developing the Online Membership System (OMS) of AEGEE. The OMS uses a custom PHP framework developed by AEGEE, and for the the data storage, it uses LDAP & MySQL. The aim is to launch the OMS during the mandate of the assistant. More information about the system can
be found here:

Deadline: 10th January 2013

Read more: /open-call-for-it-assistant-of-comite-directeur/

EBM Valletta

EBMThe EBM application phase has been closed, and now the selection phase is ongoing. Soon the participants’
list will be announced.
In the meanwhile do not forget to check regularly the EBM website ( where more and more updates will be coming soon. And get ready for this conference about “the future of Europe” and the activities of AEGEE in 2013-14!

The participation of AEGEE in the meeting of the European Year of Citizens Alliance

EYCA On 17th of December, AEGEE-Europe was represented during the European Years of Citizens Alliance, which gathers for now 51 European networks which will be working together in the framework of the European Year of Citizens 2013, proposed by the European Commission.

AEGEE-Europe is board member of the European Civic Forum, which is the network leading the European Alliance. Members discussed the implementation of the thematic working groups, the National Alliance and the adoptionof the Manifesto of the Alliance.

Beyond AEGEE

Vote16 TOOL BOX – getting active is so easy!

Voteat16It is official! The Written Declaration 0027/2012 on ‘Lowering the Voting Age to 16’ has been launched at the European Parliament.

Please visit the official campaign website and look trough the TOOL BOX.

Good news for the Erasmus programme!

ErasmusThe European Council representing Member States and the European Parliament have made an agreement on the budget saving the Erasmus programme for 2013!
Thanks to the agreement, the Commission will be able to provide around 280 000 Erasmus student grants in the 2013-2014 academic year.

Read more:

Youth Guarantee

LaszloOne week ago, on Wednesday Dec 5th, the EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Mr László Andor, presented a new package of measures against unemployment. The job market is severely affected by the crisis, and the situation gets worse every month.

Read more: /welcoming-the-european-youth-guarantee/

What Does the Future Hold for the EU Education and Youth Programmes?

Watch this video interview with Doris Pack, Member of the European Parliamant and Chair of the EU Committee on Culture and Education about the
future of the Euroepan Union (EU) education and youth programmes.

European Youth Forum’s Youth Policy Watch

YFJIn this issue of Youth Policy Watch of 2012, read about the European Commission’s communication on the youth employment package and the Culture and Education (CULT) Committee vote on the next generation of European Union exchange programmes.

Read more:

External Opportunities

Cash Prizes for Short Films on European Citizenship

video competition

The European Economic and Social Committee invites creative young people from 18 to 30 years old to join this video competition and show what means to be European and how it feels about being a citizen of the European Union. This annual challenge encourages video creativity and the use of social networking, within youth across the 28 member states in Europe (including Croatia who will be joining the EU in 2013). Participants have to create a short video clip, between 30 seconds to 1 minute, on the theme “”European citizens”.” The video can use any EU language but should have English subtitles.

Deadline: 20th January 2013

Read more:

European Charlemagne Youth Prize

Charlemagne Youth PrizeThe European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen invite young people from all the EU Member States to participate in a competition on EU development, integration and European identity issues.

The ‘European Charlemagne Youth Prize’ is awarded to projects, which:

  • promote the European and international understanding,
  • foster the development of a shared sense of European identity and integration,
  • serve as a role model for young people living in Europe and offer practical examples of Europeans living together as one community.

Applicants should be 16-30 years old.

The prize for the best project is €5000, the second, €3000 and the third, €2000.

Deadline: 28 January 2013

Read more:

Traineeship European Railway Agency

ERAThe traineeship aims to give an understanding of the Agency and its role within the activities of the European Union, enables them to acquire practical knowledge in one of the ERA ’s fields of activity and to obtain professional experience in the course of their work.

The programme is mainly addressed to young university graduates, without excluding those who – in the framework of lifelong learning – have recently obtained a university diploma and are at the beginning of a new professional career.

Deadline: 31 December 2012

Read more:

The Entrepreneurship Winter School

winter school The Entrepreneurship Winter School (EWS) is being launched to provide young  Europeans the opportunity to learn about core business values. It moved away from the traditional classroom style of learning to a more practical hands on approach aimed at providing an intense course.
The Entrepreneurship Winter School provides participants’ with valuable business knowledge passed by experts from the field. High profiled speakers are interviewed by participants’ which is then put together for a final presentation.

We provide participants’ with the opportunity to visit the European Parliament and engage in debates with MEP’s.

25% discount available for AEGEE members!

More information:

Generation Europe Foundation
(GEF) is looking for young volunteers

Generation EuropeGEF is a Brussels-based NGO aiming to educate and empower young people to be better informed of their rights and responsibilities as
European citizens in a fast-changing world. In return for their involvement, the Ambassadors have the opportunity to participate in GEF events(in
Brussels or elsewhere) and meet with policy-makers and stakeholders, network with other Ambassadors and enjoy better visibility through our website.

If you have a strong interest in youth-related issues, are a good communicator and come from/live in the following countries, please send your application (CV and a short introductory letter explaining your motivation) to

AEGEE Newsletter – 30th November /aegee-newsletter-30th-november/ Fri, 30 Nov 2012 15:18:23 +0000 /?p=2323

News from AEGEE

Dear AEGEEans,November has passed already, yet there are still many news we are happy to share with you!  In this newsletter you can read about the latest happenings inside our Network, and about events and new initiatives in which you can still take part.The newsletter will provide you with information about youth issues which are currently discussed in Europe, and get the chance to also get to know about what is going in the youth world besides AEGEE! You can find, moreover, announcements about opportunities and training experiences.Have a good reading!

Comité Directeur

European Movement adopts AEGEE’s resolution

European MovementEuropean Movement Members Council has just adopted by unanimity a resolution written by AEGEE-Europe/European Students’ ForumErasmus Student Network and European Students’ Union and supported by Young European Federalists [JEF] demanding a secured funding for education and youth programmes in the budget negotiations under the multiannual financial framework 2014-2020!

Promote sustainable travelling – win €1250 for your local!

InterRailWe would like to invite you to take part in a competition promoting sustainability and environmental awareness in which two lucky locals will win an award of 1250€, offered by our partner – InterRail!

The topic of the competition is: “Promoting Green Travelling – Sustainable Europe by 2020”. 

Think about it: Do you have creative idea on how to promote sustainable travelling?
Do you care about a sustainable future – and do you want others to get involved?
How would YOU promote sustainable travelling?

You can submit your video, photo, your creative idea, presenting your project!

All ideas will be published on the Europe on Track page.

Deadline:15th December 2012


Follow our ambassadors and Europe on Track!

europe on trackThe 6 young Europeans started their adventure on the 24th of November from Brussels with the first stop Leuven to attend the Network Meeting.

After the NWM, the 6 ambassadors, divided in two teams, Team Red and Team Blue, took two different routes, starting their exciting journey as reporter around Europe

Who are they?Where are they going now?

Follow our ambassadors and Europe on Track!

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Miroslaw Krzanik, elected as board member of the European Youth Forum.

MirekMiroslaw Krzanik, former Audit Commissioner, former member of Comité Directeur and Liaison Officer toward the European Youth Forum, has
been elected as board member of the European Youth Forum by its General Assembly in Maribor,  representing AEGEE in the European Board.

The European Youth Forum (YFJ, from Youth Forum Jeunesse) is the biggest representative youth platform in our continent. It strives for youth rights in international institutions. In its daily work the European Youth Forum represents the views and opinions of youth organisations in all relevant policy areas and
promotes the cross-sectoral nature of youth policy towards a variety of institutional actors.

And so, we are incredibly proud of Miroslaw!

Supporting video for Eastern partnership project

We are happy to announce that Mr Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for EU Enlargement and EU Neighbourhood Policy, sent us a video message expressing his support of AEGEE’s Eastern Partnership Project.

It’s great to see that the importance of the topics AEGEE is tackling and our work is recognised by politicians.

This message is a huge support and motivation to everyone working for and with our project!

Beyond AEGEE

European Youth Forum’s General Assembly has elected the new Board for the period 2013-2014

YFJPeter Matjašič, JEF & MSS, President
Guoda Lomanaite, European Liberal Youth, LYMEC, Vice-President
Lloyd Russell-Moyle, British Youth Council, BYC, Vice-President
Maria Dokupilova, FYEG, Board Member
Márcio Barcelos, WOSM, Board Member
Miroslaw Krzanik, AEGEE, Board Member
Jure Stajnbaher, ECOSY, Board Member
Johanna Nyman, Finnish National Youth Council, Allianssi, Board Member
Jerry Den Haan, Dutch National Youth Council, DNYC, Board Member
Elise Drouet, French National Youth Council, CNAJEP, Board Member
Aleksandra Kamilova, Estonian Youth Council, ENL, Board Member

We wish them a fruitful term!

Are you worried about your future?

Peace, Europe, Future - the Nobel Prize is yoursDo you think Europe should invest more in young people? Follow the Love.Youth.Future. campaign of the European Youth Forum.

Share your ideas with others who believe young people can change the present for a happy future.

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Youth Policy Watch Issue 67

european youth forumIn this issue, read about the outcomes of the European Youth Forum’s General Assembly, European Youth Capital 2015 winner Cluj-Napoca, what happened for youth at the European Summit on the 2014-2020 budget, the new ‘rethinking education’ strategy and much more!

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External Opportunities

Cash Prizes for Short Films on European Citizenship

video competitionThe European Economic and Social Committee invites creative young people from 18 to 30 years old to join this video competition and show what means to be European and how it feels about being a citizen of the European Union. This annual challenge encourages video creativity and the use of social networking, within youth across the 28 member states in Europe (including Croatia who will be joining the EU in 2013).Participants have to create a short video clip, between 30 seconds to 1 minute, on the theme “”European citizens”.” The video can use any EU language but should have English subtitles.

Deadline: 20th January 2013

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European Charlemagne Youth Prize

Charlemagne Youth PrizeThe European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen invite young people from all the EU Member States to participate in a competition  on EU development, integration and European identity issues.The ‘European Charlemagne Youth Prize’ is awarded to projects, which:
  • promote the European and international understanding,
  • foster the development of a shared sense of European identity and integration,
  • serve as a role model for young people living in Europe and offer practical examples of Europeans living together as one community.

Applicants should be 16-30 years old.

The prize for the best project is €5000, the second, €3000 and the third, €2000.

Deadline: 28 January 2013

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ESTIEM invites you to Europe3D

Within a 5-day seminar series the participants should get a basic picture of the hosting country. A special focus thereby lays on national characteristics in politics and economy. For a better understanding of basic local parameters that exist in European states also cultural differences are considered. Lectures given by experts from politics, science and economy shall provide the participants with a theoretical insight. On the other hand our aim is to integrate our guests actively in this seminar.
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AEGEE Newsletter – 16th November /aegee-newsletter-16th-november/ Fri, 16 Nov 2012 13:10:13 +0000 /?p=2103

News from AEGEE

Dear AEGEEans,Welcome to our bi-weekly newsletter for the first part of November.You can read about the latest happenings inside our Network, and about events and new initiatives in which you can still take part.

The newsletter will provide you with information about youth issues which are currently discussed in Europe, and get the chance to also get to know about what is going in the youth world besides AEGEE! Announcements about opportunities and training experiences can also be found there.Have a good reading!

Comité Directeur

In Memoriam: Frank Biancheri


It is a hard time for AEGEE now. Before the General Assembly in Budapest, a call changed our mood. We were informed that Frank Biancheri, founder of AEGEE-Europe, had passed away on
October 29th.

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Is Europe on the right track? – ‘Europe on Track’ project raises the question

Europe on trackAEGEE-Europe (European Students’ Forum), represented by President Luis Alvarado Martínez, presented its new project ‘Europe on Track’ during a press conference that took place in the morning on 8th November in the European Parliament. Within the framework of this project, in the months of November and December, six young ambassadors from various countries will travel the European continent in order to capture and document the wishes of young people for the year 2020. As the outcome of the project, these opinions will be compiled to create concrete recommendation for policy makers in the youth field.

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About Agora Budapest

AgoraBetween 31st October and 4th November, Budapest, Hungary hosted the General Assembly of AEGEE-Europe, the European Students’ Forum. Within the framework of this event, a wide variety of topics have been addressed from lively discussions on the Europe of tomorrow to how young people can contribute to it. More than 800 students gathered together from more than 40 countries for the Autumn Agora Budapest, to discuss the future of the organisation and AEGEE’s role in contributing to the future of the whole continent. Besides European youth leaders and activists, politicians have also addressed the event and welcomed AEGEE’s new initiatives.

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AEGEE attends the Non Formal Education Week

NFEFrom 24th to 26th of October 2012, Lucille Rieux and Jorge Miguel (HED) were present at the Non Formal Education Week, organised by the European Youth Forum. During three days, young people coming from different organisations (european youth organisations and national youth councils) have discussed and exchange good practices regarding the recognition of Non Formal Education. All over Europe, youth organisations and youth workers are trying to pool their resources in order to strive and advocate for a better recognition of Non Formal Education by the different stakeholders (European institutions, labour market, self-recognition…).During this meeting, AEGEE representants have shared the situation in AEGEE and get concrete ideas on tools to develop inside of our network in order to increase the recogntion
of Non Formal Education.

The kick-off meeting of the IEREST project

IERESTAEGEE attended the kick-off meeting of the IEREST project, a LLP-funded initiative of some of the most relevant universities in the field of intercultural communication to provide exchange students (mainly within the Erasmus Programme) with real intercultural education, so they have all the tools to get the most out of their stay abroad. The role of AEGEE is mostly to participate in the quality assurance, providing the point of view of students.

A public hearing in the European Parliament

E4AOn 13th of November, AEGEE in cooperation with ESU (European Students’ Union) and ESN (Erasmu Student Network) held a public hearing in the European Parliament, urging the national authorities to approve the increase in the European Union’s budget for the programmes for education and youth proposed by the European Commission for the years 2014-2020. With speakers from the European Youth Forum and the European Commission, the message to national authorities is clear: Investment in Education and Youth and programmes like Erasmus is absolutely necessary in the current economic crisis and the increasing Euroscepticism. In times of crisis, youth should be the first priority. Investment here will pay off double the amount in the future.


The kick-off meeting of the EduCoach project

EduCoachOn 8th-9th of November Kathrin Renner and Anna Gots took part in the kick-off meeting of the EduCoach project – last initiative of Study Portals, supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus Mundus Action 3, in Eindhoven.

EduCoach project will help millions of students and PhD Candidates with personal professional advice to improve the quality of their decision on where to study abroad in Europe. To ensure this EduCoach will set up a personal online counselling service for prospective students and PhD Candidates. This service will combine the success of and need for strengthened international student services and personal advice with the effectiveness of modern information and communication technologies- and the outreach and popularity of existing study choice portals.

Beyond AEGEE

European Youth Forum Weekly Courier 14/11/2012

YFJRead new issue of the European Youth Forum’s courier which gathers the weekly information from the Youth Forum to its Member Organisations. AEGEE is also mention there!

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Peace, Europe, Future – the Nobel Prize is yours

Peace, Europe, Future - the Nobel Prize is yoursAre you between 8 and 24? What does peace in Europe mean to you? Tell us. Enter the contest and win a chance to join EU leaders to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo!


The contest is open to all Europeans from 13 to 25 November 2012. You can enter in three categories: 8-12, 13-17 and 18-24.

External Opportunities

Intership Oportunity in the field of International Organisation in Malaysia

WAYWorld Assembly of Youth (WAY) in Malaysia offers intership opportunity in various departments of the Secretariat including research, fundraising, publication and youth projects.The seletion criteria are: enrollment in the final year of studies or
  • completion of a university degree, Master’s or Ph.D. Programme;
  • possession of Visa and availability of arranging their own travel to Malaysia;
  • fluent English , (knowledge of French or Spanish is an added advantage);

To be considered for these opportunities, email your letter of interest, and attach updated curriculum vitae and two letters of references to

Deadline: 30th November, 2012

More information on: Way Headquarters

Business Idea competition at the University in Munich for all students in Europe

Idea ChallangeDon’t hesitate to participate as you can win up to 6,000€. All you need to do is to submit your idea on three pages in a team of 2-5 people.

Apply until November 30th and be invited to the finals in Munich (all travel costs up to 250€ covered). You will also have a chance to meet investors, business angels and win professional mentoring to further develop your idea.

Deadline: 30th November, 2012

More information on:

Internship at Greenpeace International, Amsterdam

GreenpeaceOpen to candidates with academic background in natural or social sciences and good command of English The Research Unit at Greenpeace International is offering a 6  month internship remunerated position.

Deadline: ongoing

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Traineeships at the Council of Europe

councilThe Council of Europe offers two traineeship sessions each year, lasting from eight weeks to five months. Traineeships take place in March/July, September/January.
Trainees undertake research, the preparation of draft reports and studies for meetings of experts and the drafting of minutes. They may also assist with current work.


Trainees will be given an opportunity – especially through the induction course arranged for them – to find out about the Council’s structures, activities and international co-operation procedures, including the implementation of the European Convention of Human Rights. They will also have the opportunity of attending lectures given in  the Council of its activities, sittings of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly and the European Parliament and meetings taking place during their stay in Strasbourg.


30 November 2012 (traineeship session 4 March – 31 July 2013).

30 April 2013 (traineeship session September 2013 – January 2014).

Read more: ]]> AEGEE Newsletter – 30th October /aegee-newsletter-30th-october/ Tue, 30 Oct 2012 08:59:49 +0000 /?p=1862

News from AEGEE

Dear AEGEEans,we are happy to release the very first issue of our bi-monthly newsletter for the second part of October. In this newsletter, you can read about the latest happenings inside our Network, and about events and new initiatives in which you can still take part.You can catch the latest news about the youth issues which are currently discussed in Europe, and get the chance to also get to know about what is going in the youth world besides AEGEE! Finally, you can find there all the opportunities which our partners offer us.

Have a good reading!

Comité Directeur.

Petition – Europe: do not gamble with the future of Erasmus programme!

Erasmus cutWe would like to inform you that the Comite Directeur, following the announcements of possible shortage of funding for the Erasmus programme for the semesters of 2012-2013 (read more here)  has decided to take action and start this petition, officially asking the European Union to make sure that the youth and especially Erasmus funding be guaranteed.

We would like to have the support of you, our members, as it is in your interests that we are working.

You can find the petition here:

AGORA Budapest

Agora BudapestOur General Assembly Agora Budapest, during which not only will we discuss and vote upon new candidates and update our internal rules, but where also active bodies of our association will share their work and their project, where current campaigns and initiatives will be presented and finally, where you, members, will meet up, and hopefully be inspired to continue acting and developing our network.

Booklets of the Agora, you can find all of the here, and in details:


Invitation to the Press Conference “Europe on Track” project in the European Parliament -8th of November

Europe on TrackWith this email we want to inform you that on the 8th of November 2012 AEGEE-Europe/European Students’ Forum will organize a Press Conference
in the European Parliament to launch the project ‘Europe on Track’.

The conference will be hosted by Member of European Parliament (MEP), Amelia Andersdotter. We are still waiting for confirmation but hopefully we will have 3 more MEPs
present in the Conference, publicly supporting the project. Our partners from Interrail and the European Youth Forum will also be present.

With this email we want to invite any of you to come to the press conference, and be there while we will be presenting the project to the external world.

Find invitations on this link:

The participation of AEGEE in the Youth Assembly 2012 in Strasbourg and in the World Forum on Democracy.

COELast week some AEGEEans participated in the first World Forum for Democracy. In his opening speech of Jean Claude Mignon, president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe described it as the Davos of Democracy.

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We all won the Peace Nobel Prize 2012!

Nobel PriceThe Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced the Peace Nobel Prize for 2012. The Laureate was a great surprise for all the AEGEE members and all the Europeans, since the prize has been awarded to the European Union “for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”.

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Beyond AEGEE

LoveYouthFuture – Get involved!

Love youth futureLoveYouthFuture is a campaign that aims to highlight the need for investments in youth, youth work and youth organisations as well as non-formal education (NFE) policies. The aim of the campaign is to reach out to all level of decision makers from the mayor of the village to the prime minister.

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EU Youth Conference of the Cyprus Presidency of the European Union – Summary

Cyprus Presidency of the European UnionA newsletter from the European Youth Forum and the Cyprus Youth Council on the  Cyprus Presidency 2012

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European Youth Forum’s Youth Policy Watch

YFJRead the latest debate on Erasmus for All, the 9th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for youth in St. Petersburg, the conclusions of the University of Youth and Development and much more!

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External Oportunities

Internships at the World Bank

World BankThe World Bank offers internships to young people interested to learn more about the economic and social issues that affect people’s lives around the world. The programme offers opportunities for study and work that provide hands-on experience.

The Bank Internship Programme offers graduate students an opportunity to improve their skills as well as the experience of working in an international environment.

Deadline is 31. 10. 2012

More info at

Internship programme at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

UNThis internship programme is aimed at graduate students and is available at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights – OHCHR.

The aim of the internship is to:


  • increase the intern’s understanding of current human rights issues at the international level and give an insight into the work of the United Nations and OHCHR in particular;
  • provide OHCHR and the United Nations Human Rights mechanisms with the assistance and contribution of outstanding students or graduates.

Closing dates for applications 31 October.

More info

Traineeships at the Council of Europe

COEThe Council of Europe offers two traineeship sessions each year, lasting from eight weeks to five months. Traineeships take place in March/July, September/January.

Trainees undertake research, the preparation of draft reports and studies for meetings of experts and the drafting of minutes. They may also assist with current work. Trainees will be given an opportunity – especially through the induction course arranged for them – to find out about the Council’s structures, activities and international co-operation procedures, including the implementation of the European Convention of Human Rights. They will also have the opportunity of attending lectures given in the Council of its activities, sittings of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly and the European Parliament and meetings taking place during their stay in Strasbourg.

30 November 2012 (traineeship session 4 March – 31 July 2013).
30 April 2013 (traineeship session September 2013 – January 2014)

More info ]]>