Europe on Track

Europe – a door to brighter future


Apr 17, 2014

After the longest our team had so far, we  finally arrived to León to discuss mobility opportunities with young Spanish students. We were also curious about how they see Europe in times of crisis. Youngsters talked not only about the consequences of these days on their families, but also pictured Europe as a faith for […]

Europe on Track 2 empowers European youth to become actors in the construction of the Europe of tomorrow


Apr 15, 2014

AEGEE-Europe launched on Wednesday 9th April the project Europe on Track 2 in the European Parliament. After presenting in the press conference, six travellers divided in two teams began their routes, crossing the European continent by train during one month, with the objective of interviewing young people from various backgrounds about their vision of Europe. […]

EUroptimism in the City of the Squares


Apr 13, 2014

After an interesting discussion about the European Parliament elections in Aachen, we arrived in Mannheim – the third-largest city in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The uniqueness of this city was obvious from the start as there are no street names and instead letters of the alphabet are used to make the navigation easier. Locals […]

French youngsters: Young people are realising about their European identity


Apr 12, 2014

The most difficult task awaited team Red already at their first stop in Orléans – to bring mobility opportunities closer to high school students, counting only with their few traveling experiences and difficulty to express themselves in English. The event was held at the Regional centre for young people in Orléans (CRIJ) which is also […]

Charlemagne meets Charlemagne in Aachen

EoT in Aachen

Apr 11, 2014

11th of April 2014 Team Blue Discussing Democracy in the former capital of Europe If Europe would have any “capital” nowadays most people would situate it in Brussels, the city where the European institutions are located. However, in a distant past – more than a thousand years before we had a European Union and a […]

Preparing for the European journey of a lifetime!

EoT presentation Leiden

Apr 08, 2014

The Start of Europe on Track: Training weekend in Brussels and Network meeting in Leiden 08-04-2014 Europe on Track is almost ready to go! During the past weekend the travelers of the project finally met each other in person and had a preparation event in Brussels. It was great for them to share ideas about […]

Green light for quality internships in the EU

Source: DG EMPL (Flickr)

Apr 04, 2014

By Lucia Sobeková On 10 March, the European Council gave a green light to quality internships across the EU by adopting the Recommendation on Quality Framework to improve quality of traineeships. The legislation promises more transparency and better conditions for young trainees across the European countries. Over past two decades, traineeships became the important step […]

Teaching Technology as the Great Challenge of the New Generation

Peter-Paul Verbeek at the University of Twente

Apr 03, 2014

Youth Participation: Professor at a pop festival  Interview with Professor Peter-Paul Verbeek One of the themes of Europe on Track is Youth Participation, which comprises a very broad range of discussions. A question that immediately comes to mind is: what should we, as the European youth, participate in and how should we participate or get […]

AEGEE-Europe invites you to the press conference marking the launch of Europe on Track 2


Mar 31, 2014

“Europe on Track”, winner of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize, is an innovative youth-based project prsenting 6 travellers, designated youth ambassadors, crossing the European continent by train, interviewing young people from various backgrounds about their vision of Europe. During the first edition of the project, hundreds of young Europeans were engaged in the discussions […]

Erasmus: A Silent Revolution


Mar 31, 2014

By Yana Brovdiy European Union might be going through another period of Euro sclerosis and fears for the future, one of its progenies, the Erasmus student exchange programme, remains a great example of what can be achieved through a collective effort. Origins Erasmus started in 1987 and received its name from a famous Dutch philosopher […]