By Zsofia Komaromi

Launch of the “Europe on Track” project


Sep 27, 2012

At a time when the idea of Europe is being questioned, we think it is important to ask its youth, what is their position and what are their expectations from the Europe of tomorrow. As a youth platform, we think it is fundamental to give voice to the young generation, in order to take their […]

AEGEE-Europe and European youth organisations make a stand for rights and freedom of speech in Russia


Sep 25, 2012

On the morning of Monday, September 24th, AEGEE-Europe, through its president Luis Alvarado Martínez, participated in a flashmob-like protest denouncing the violation of freedom of speech and youth rights in Russia, during the opening ceremony of the 9th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth, in Saint Petersburg. Using the Pussy Riot masks […]

Daring to Change: AEGEE-Europe’s Board of Directors for 2012/2013

Sep 14, 2012

AEGEE-Europe’s new board of directors, the Comité Directeur 2012-2013, is determined to give a new direction to Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary students’ forum.

Declaration of Greek & Turkish Friendship – 1997

Dec 10, 1997

We, AEGEE members AND young people of Greece and Turkey aware of our past and history, recognising the differences and the common elements of our national identities, aspiring to a peaceful coexistence and cooperation of our countries in the future, hereby declare our awareness that between the two countries there are disputes; our strong belief […]