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10 years of the World Youth Summit on Globalisation

Ten years ago, AEGEE organised the World Youth Summit on Globalisation. Held at the EP Brussels, this was the grand closure of the 2003 Yearplan Project of AEGEE-Europe Youth & Globalisation.  In a lot of ways, this event was unique because for the first time, AEGEE had opened its doors to other active youths from across the globe to discuss the effects on youth and globalisation. In fact, in spite of all the problems related with bureaucracy and visa, we managed to have people from all over the continents debating with representatives from the main International Institutions such as the [...]

10 years of the World Youth Summit on Globalisation2013-12-10T13:07:01+00:00

Croatian referendum to introduce discrimination in their constitution

Croatia, the newest member of the EU, is today having a referendum that aims to modify their constitution for the first time in 22 years. The change in constitution is to include a sentence that specifies that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. and it is a clear attack to the movement for equal marriage that has been gaining battles all over Europe. This referendum is the last step of a whole campaign launched by an NGO created ad hoc by a woman called Zeljka Markic, which is the visible face of this initiative. In fact [...]

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AEGEE stands with the pro-European Ukrainians

AEGEE-Europe, shocked by the very recent decision of the Ukrainian Government to suspend the process of preparation for signature of the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Ukraine at the EU-EaP Vilnius Summit, would like to present the following statement: Within the last 4 years, Ukraine has signed the visa facilitation agreement and implemented many reforms, which led to the perspective of signing the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU in the next days. For the last 15 months, we all were closely following the way of Ukraine [...]

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Spanish students force their Government to revert ERASMUS cuts

An earthquake shook during last week the Spanish society, when the ministry of Education published in the Spanish official Bulletin (BOE) the ministerial decision of cutting back the national support to the ERASMUS students from the current year on, except on the cases they had received a ministerial grant on the previous year. This measure meant that most of the students (around 30.000) already at their foreign European universities would be affected, finding themselves with a smaller economical support than the one it was agreed when they accepted their destination. This in most cases would imply the need to cancel [...]

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Greek universities: when austerity threatens recuperation

Austerity has been the recipe of European Commission to get out of the crisis. Even when it is true that the drastic reduction of income made impossible for most governments to keep the expenses at the level of the years before 2008, this is a dangerous strategy if kept for too long. Austerity is a temporary solution to adjust to a new situation and cannot compromise fields of the economy that should contribute to the future growth, which is the long term exit to the crisis. Some of these sectors are obvious: education, science and research, which are at the roots [...]

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EVA: Does Erasmus make you a better European citizen?

The first meeting of the Erasmus Voting Assesment project (EVA) took place last week in Brussels, at the office of AEGEE-Europe.  This new project aims at answering fundamental questions concerning active citizenship and participation in democratic processes of young students, and in particular the ERASMUS students. Through an in-depth survey, the project will measure the feeling of “being European” among young students and, furthermore, assess any possible existing correlation between having been an ERASMUS student and the level of engagement in the European society. In addition, this project aims to investigate the voting behaviour of Erasmus and university students across [...]

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Blog Action Day: youth rights are human rights

Today, October 16th is Blog Action Day. This is an annual event that aims to bring bloggers closer together and this year its topic is human rights. We got inspired by the visually amazing and conceptually clear contribution of the blog zen pencils. Click on the picture to see the complete masterpiece: AEGEE-Europe is involved with Human Rights on a daily basis. We clearly defend them in our Statement of Principles and we also have a very active Human Rights Working Group, bringing the current topics to the attention of young Europeans and providing a platform for discussion and exchange [...]

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Wilfried Martens passed away

AEGEE-Europe would like to pay tribute to one of it's former patrons, Wilfried Martens, who passed away this night at the age of 77. Wilfried Martens was Prime Minister of Belgium for more then a decade, striving for its unity, but at the same time he was a passionate European. He is among the founding members of the European People's Party (EPP) and served as its President since 1992. As such, he has pushed the federalist debate and guided the party through a series of challenges such as the integration of the Eastern and Central European political parties after 1990. [...]

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Company wrecks climate. Climate melts ice. Company prepares to drill even more oil. NGO protests drills. Coast guard attacks NGO’s boat. Crew are called pirates. Pirates are locked up. The end. Or is it? Today, October 5, in 160+ cities around the world citizens stood together with the Arctic 30, their families, friends, and colleagues. #FreeTheArctic30 became a global cry for justice, as those 28 Greenpeace activists, along with 2 freelancers are in a Russian jail, facing piracy charges. Criminal charges which even Russian president Vladimir Putin has dismissed. Following a successful protest at the Prirazlomnaya oil platform in 2012, [...]


European Youth Calls the Council of Europe to Protect their Rights Now

AEGEE-Europe, together with 10 youth organizations from all over Europe, has launched the campaign YouthRights.NOW for the recognition of specific rights for youth. These youth rights include education and training, employment, housing, health and the right to a healthy environment, participation, sexual and reproductive health, culture and sport, non-discrimination, as wells as proper information on youth policies and its implementation. In the current situation, these rights are being violated with worrying frequency, therefore this call for action to increase the protection of one of the collectives more severely affected by the current economic and social crisis in Europe. You can [...]

European Youth Calls the Council of Europe to Protect their Rights Now2013-10-01T23:32:32+00:00