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Are Czechs more selfish?


Dec 02, 2012

Some days ago, while in Prague, the question came from Brno if Europe on Track would be stopping there as well. Since we are in the neighbourhood, we quickly manage to arrange an extra stop in Brno, breaking up the fairytale journey through the snow-covered, sun-reflecting hills of Moravia. After all, a plan is only […]

United States of Europe in 2020?


Dec 02, 2012

Since the beginning of the project we were looking forward to visiting Enschede, home to one of the biggest locals of AEGEE, with many engaged members, a strong focus on content, and the only local with an own bar, Sociëteit Asterion. At the NWM in Leuven, European Affairs responsible Thijs confirmed their participation in Europe […]

British youth about the British education: not as good as it seems like?


Nov 30, 2012

In London Team Red arrived to meet a group of students from different areas of the city, with clashing views on recent tendencies on the Islands’ most pressing issues regarding educational policies. A lot of interesting interviews have been carried out in order to picture their ideas on how changes in youth policy and institutional education – […]

First interviews


Nov 29, 2012

You always remember your first, no matter the number of experiences after that. Our first interview is with Sintija (21) from Riga, studying International Business Law and board member of AEGEE-Tilburg. It is only fitting that, when asked about her idea of Europe, she would come down to the basic raison d’être of the EU: […]

Promote sustainable travelling – win €1250 for your local!

What is your idea on sustainability?

Nov 28, 2012

InterRail offers two locals the unique opportunity to win 1250€ for their projects or event. We would like to invite you to take part in a competition promoting sustainability and environmental awareness offered by our partner – InterRail! The prize money can be invested in any project or event you are planning. offers train passes to Europeans to […]

Europe on Track – Launch from Leuven!


Nov 27, 2012

Saturday morning, 11am. Seven people in dark green hoodies walk through the gates of the scouting premises in the centre of Leuven. After a day of preparation in Brussels, they are ready to kick off the project which will define their every step in the coming month. They are the members of Europe on Track: Cristina […]

Meet the travellers: Mathieu Soete from Leuven


Nov 21, 2012

Mathieu Soete Age: 26 From: Leuven, Belgium Studies: Law, Management It is sometimes said that Ryanair has done just as much for European integration as the EU, but to me travelling by train is the best way to see the diversity of our continent in the right perspective. The slower pace of train travel, the […]

Meet the travellers: Benjamin Battke from Aachen


Nov 16, 2012

Benjamin Battke Age: 30 From: Aachen, Germany Studies: History My name is Benjamin Battke, from Aachen, Germany. As a Master in History and working as a representative for a travel agency, I have had close encounters with many other cultures, yet this project offers something more, and I am excited to take part in it! I […]

Meet the travellers: Manuel Arias from Madrid

Manuel Arias

Nov 14, 2012

Manuel Arias Age: 27 From: Madrid, Spain Studies: Media & Educational Studies The future of Europe, nowadays, is quite confusing for many young people. In Spain, many people do not know exactly what is happening in the European sphere and thus it is very important to know what other people in different countries think, to […]

Meet the travellers: Héloïse Treis from Fribourg


Nov 13, 2012

Héloïse Treis Age: 23 From: Fribourg, Switzerland Studies: Law I’m Héloïse. I am 23 years old and love photography, traveling and music. The fact that my parents come from different countries and speak several languages made me very open-minded. As much as I love my hometown Zurich, my friends and family, I am always excited […]